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What's wrong with firefox?

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  • What's wrong with firefox?

    Firefox is eating away at my CPU when I use the mouse wheel. My set up is not top of the line but I would think a 1.2ghz athlon and 512k SDRAM would be able to run firefox and winamp 5 at the same time..

    I can pop up my task manager and watch firefox go from using 17% of my processer to using more then 80% after a few seconds of using the wheel without stoping. This causes the whole comp to slow and winamp will start skipping which is how I first noticed the problem.

    I thought it might be a extention of the fact I had smooth scrolling enabled but it was nethier. I even installed a second copy and fired it up with a new profile, same problem.

    I wondering if this is happening to anyone else and if so how you fixed it, because honestly if I can't fix it im ganna have to start looking for a new browser.

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    Turn off smooth scrolling?


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      Already did, no luck with that.


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        I changed some system settings the other day, mabey that caused it, im ganna check them and see if that helps.


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          Also that might be a hardware accelerated feature, like windows and such as well. Make sure something isnt munged up in your video card drivers.


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            I got it back down with some memory and cpu managment changes, if it starts acting up again ill check the video drivers, I got the latest ones from nvidia install but you know how that gose..heh


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              nVidia has been slacking with their drivers recently. I'm shocked. They used to have the most rock solid problem free drivers. Sad.



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                Hi Brad,

                I don't know what kind of video card and/or sound card you're using, but I had the same sort of problem using pretty much any browser on a computer with "integrated" sound (ie on the motherboard). You'll probably get the same sort of CPU spike if you do the mouse wheel thing under Internet Exploror... I seem to remember the problem being something like saturation of the PCI bus (due to a lot of graphics information being sent to the graphics card) or somesuch that would cause the audio to skip. Installing a cheap Soundblaster card solved it for me.

                One thing that's keeping me from using Firefox is its is issue with displaying the entire source code to Javascript scripts in Venkman, the Javascript debugger. Although this doesn't affect regular usage (ie no difference in browsing), this makes Venkman useless for debugging Javascript. Too bad since Firefox seems to include some nifty new stuff like the DOM inspector. Back to Firebird 0.7 for me at the moment.

                Hope that helps!
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                  I have a pci sound blaster x gammer card in this box. I'm going to play around and try to find where the problem is coming from. It dose happen in explorer to but not as bad as firefox.

                  I want to put firefox on some slower boxes I have that are going to run freebsd and gentoo and im worried the mouse wheels might cause the same problem.


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