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    Im sorta stuck on my style set design for my forum's. I like it, and I dont. I feel it could look alot better, but don't have the money or graphical skills to do this. Could someone please give a few suggestions, as to what i could do to make the forum look more 'alive'?

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    You can browse around on 'hot' sites and see what they have that keeps their site active and what you don't have and include it in yours to your liking.

    Maybe things like reviews and previews or a few more pictures that link to hot threads or .. I dunno One can do so much to their site to improve it.

    I like your style, it looks finished and complete. I think the content could use a spice up. Start some new topics and ask your friends to do the same. It will give you better google results and hopefully more google users will read them and sign up and reply to them.