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I want vB, No cash

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  • I want vB, No cash

    I want a copy of vBulletin. I'm 16 years old and I have no cash at all. I have a job but it goes to car insurance and gas money.

    Any ideas on how I could get my hands on a copy of vBulletin, legally?

    Thanks guys.

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    I am 16 too, just ask some of your grandparents :P

    And wut bout Birthday money...

    Christmas money....

    Getting a second job


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      Parents wont do it (already owe them money for iPod). Grandparents wont either...


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        Try walking for a month?


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          Unfortunately thats the only way. Take a few dollars each paycheck and set it to the side, where you might normally spend it (buying a burger or music, etc). You'd be surprised how quickly you can save up the money to buy a full license!


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            Good idea. Maybe something like 10 or 20 dollars a week?

            It'll be nothing compared to the time of how long I've waited, haha.


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              I rarely spend any of the moeny that I make on my job. It really adds up too! I resist the urge to spend money on things that I don't need.

              My last purchase was a month ago, which was a Red Wings hockey jersey.

              As for car and insurance, well I don't drive that often, and when I do drive it's not very far. Finding other ways to school than driving is really a time-saver (especially when your neighbor teaches there! )
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                Can't say I pay the insurance yet but I do pay for gas and I try to and from school everyday and to work. I really don't see where you couldn't maybe you need a better job.

                I make $100 a week working for Kroger and I work about 20 hours a week.
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                  Nothing good is free. If you can't get the money, then use a free forum. If you want vBulletin bad enough, you'll learn to save up for it.

                  Instead of buying music, or instead of the iPod, you could get a vBulletin.

                  iPod, especially... why not get a Zen and vB? (same total price)


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                    Hey, don't turn him off of his iPod purchasing..


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                      If you have an existing website, join the vBulletin Affiliate Program at Sell 4 copies of vBulletin through that and you have paid for your own copy.

                      If you can do graphics and such, join in some of the contests at's forums and earn the money that way.

                      Have a garage sell and get rid of your old junk. See if your parents will donate some of their junk as well.

                      If your city has an adult softball league, see if you can do scorekeeping or umpiring for extra cash.

                      If you are technical enough with computers, put a flyer up at the local senior center offering PC checkups for $10. Price is low but seniors at senior centers don't have a lot of disposable income generally.

                      Offer to deliver groceries from the store you work at to these same seniors for a few dollars.

                      Don't drink one softdrink a day and you can get the software in three months.

                      Make your lunch for work instead of eating at fast food joints.

                      I am sure there are many other ways that a young man such as yourself could earn a few extra bucks here and there.
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                        From the looks of that, Wayne's been doing LOTS of research on parenting.


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                          Originally posted by DirectPixel

                          iPod, especially... why not get a Zen and vB? (same total price)
                          Bah, don't diss the iPod

                          iPod vs other MP3 players is like comparing vBulletin to free boards, the competition just doesn't compare

                          Anyway, excellent points you brought up Wayne.
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                            Is prostitution illegal in IL?


                            There are some good ways to get some xtra money. wayne already mentioned some.
                            I personally like the pc check up idea. Seniors generally talk much about the past. So you'd get better in history
                            That's the end of that!


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                              Im 17, the main admin is 19, and we bought an Owned one...why the band didnt pay is beyond me, being the 3rd biggest british band must mean they can spare £80 =/


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