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Stopping registration from Yahoo e-mail addresses

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  • Stopping registration from Yahoo e-mail addresses

    That's it. I'm sick and tired of Yahoo Mail.

    Seems like that everybody that registers using a Yahoo account either has a full mailbox or uses an invalid e-mail address, so their registration confirmation messages always bounce back to me. The ones that don't ... well, now Yahoo seems to consider e-mail generated by any vBulletin-based system to be spam, so it automatically gets shunted into some sort of spam folder. ALL of my forum users that haven't confirmed their registration have or addresses.

    So, I made the plunge. I added to the banned e-mail address list. I sent a message to those with existing Yahoo accounts, telling them thet they could keep their addresses, but should change them ASAP. A quarter of those bounced. I'm giving regular users e-mail addresses, use their work e-mail addresses, their home broadband addresses, or use some other alternative.

    Yahoo Mail is teh suxx0rz.
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    Yahoo and Hotmail

    Hotmail does the same as Yahoo, only more agressive it seems.


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      Why don't you just bounce messages send to user 'nobody'?
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        Originally posted by Raz Meister
        Why don't you just bounce messages send to user 'nobody'?
        Because that wouldn't solve the problem of people not confirming their registrations, or complaining that they're not getting e-mail notification of private messages and subscribed threads. I'd rather have more users using working e-mail accounts than a bunch of unconfirmed users with Yahoo.
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          I use yahoo and I don't have any problems with it. Might be because I keep my inbox clean?


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            I found hotmail isn't so agressive. I found Yahoo's stupid spam system keeps blocking my registration emails from going through.
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              Both Yahoo and Hotmail have really gotten crappy with what they are considering spam. I've heard from a lot of people who run boards (and had this problem myself) that everything they send is going to their Bulk/Spam boxes. I've gone so far as to post on my board letting people know the problem with Hotmail and Yahoo and how to fix it. With half my 20,000+ users using either Hotmail or Yahoo I don't think it's worth banning those addresses. I think it would end up causing more problems as people would just email me and complain that they can't register.


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                I'm really new here, but it might make sense to just put a footnote or something in to those with Yahoo/Hotmail addys, to please check their bulk mail boxes for such registration e-mails.

                Then it's the new users' responsibility to be proactive, rather than the poor admins!



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                  Originally posted by MasterMac
                  I use yahoo and I don't have any problems with it. Might be because I keep my inbox clean?
                  i also keep my inbox clean, and i have no problems what so ever


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                    I get my DSL from SBC which has hooked up with Yahoo - so I get my primary email from Yahoo.

                    I consider myself to be an legitimate email and would find it odd if I was blocked due to my Yahoo email account.

                    Just my view ...
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                      I used to block Yahoo, but not any more, as many are using it as paying Yahoo email subscriber, or Yahoo high-speed subscribers.

                      If you are just concerned/annoyed by bounced emails, check out my vBouncer hack at

                      Note that not all vB activation email goes to the junk box. I told Yahoo users who asked about their activation email to simply go to the junk yahoo junk boxl, and mark the email as not junk, not SPAM. That did the trick, and we no longer get that problem.
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