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What kind of error is this?

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  • What kind of error is this?

    Okay, I admit I'm not the HTML or Javascript expert I could be. But I'm having a helluva time with my site, because one of the following 2 errors appear every time I view a thread. I've run the code through HTML validators, and not found the problem. I was wondering if someone had any idea where to look?

    I would REALLY appreciate any help on the subject. I'm desperate.
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    Without seeing the code...

    It looks like you have javascript with an unclosed paren ). Go through and make sure everything that is openned ( is closed ). HTML validators don't speak Javascript usually...

    Did you add a hack or edit templates lately?
    Mark Cahill
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      Unfortunately, I've done both. Major template edits, and a couple of hacks.

      When you say "go through", do you mean go through showthread.php, or go through the showthread templates, or go through the source html for the page giving the error? I guess that's where I'm lost...
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        Go through the javascript on whatever page is throwing the error.
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          I'm really going to sound like a moron here, I think. I've got a couple of instances of what appears to be outside code source. Do I need to go through that, too? It appears as something like this:

          HTML Code:
          <script type="text/javascript" src="clientscript/vbulletin_md5.js"></script>
          Other than that, the only javascript code I have is for my banner, but since that's in the header template, it appears on all pages, and these errors only occur on the showthread.php pages (and not on all of them, but most).
          Fans of Reality TV


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            open vbulletin_md5.js in a text editor and go through each line.
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