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the 'C' Word

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    Swearing in general is rude anyway.


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      Originally posted by BillaBongUSA
      I couldn't of said it any better


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        Originally posted by floris
        Swearing in general is rude anyway.
        I agree Floris!


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          a word is a word is a word.

          as long as you remember that, and everyone knows that, no one should really take offence to it.

          it's because we've been brought up beleive these words are really harmful.


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            Inappropiate posts removed and thread on shaky grounds re-opened.


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              Sticks and stones, as the saying goes. Unfortunately words can harm in the real world, because people can get emotionally upset by them. They don't even have to be rude (useless, hopeless, idiot, fat, ugly, etc).

              Respect is the name of the game. Treat others the way you'd like to be treated. I do curse, a lot in fact. It was always ok to do so in my household, once we reached a certain age.

              One of the girls I used to work with hated the C word. We had to say C U Next Tuesday when around her


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                Well put it this way if cant react to words then, then how can u appreccitae a story or any spoken or written communication? If i call u a ****in arse hole! and ur not mad, then maybe when you first here a lover say "i love you" you,ll just blink and go hmmm

                No one cannot react to a word or phrase, the lesser the reaction the deader you are....... mind u the greater the reaction could lead to bad things if its your preffered choice lol

                (in a club and u here a song, the words appeal to you.. 10 minutes later your humpin anyone u can find.... the bouncers beat u silly, thus ultimately leavin u cursing poor old barry white and hes dead... plus he a legend, shame on you!!)


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                  Originally posted by Vile
                  School may be offensive, but what's on TV is actually regulated. (FCC)
                  Key words being "in the US."
                  Many other countries are less strict when it comes to TV, and they openly show nudity, have "cuss" words, and so on, but this doesn't happen in the US, unless it's a premium channel.
                  I'm not saying it's good or bad, but simply stating how it is here, compared to other countries.
                  It's alright to carry around guns, but no swearing on TV!!!


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