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    Alright, my friend is making a site. I'm no flash guru.. It has some kind of flash intro to it, he asked me where he could find a loading screen for flash .mov file. Like a black and white screen that says Loading with numbers, a progressing bar, a circle that fills up (basically anything that says something is loading).

    Could anyone tell me where I could find something of the sort to download, a tutorial to make something like this or even help him out by making something like this (srry if that's a stupid question, I don't know how much time / effort goes into these types of things). Thanks in advance for the help.


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    Flash used to come with a simple loading screen tutorial. At least..that is how I learned it. There are a lot of flash resources sites on the internet. Check with google if you can find tutorials on flash loading screens. There are a lot of copyrighted materials, but also a lot of free stuff for download.