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MyDoom assault forces off the net

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  • MyDoom assault forces off the net

    SCO has pulled the plug on its Web site in response to a huge DDoS initiated from PCs infected with the MyDoom worm last weekend.

    In a statement, SCO said that its sites was "flooded with requests beyond its capacity".

    "This large scale attack, caused by the Mydoom computer virus that is estimated to have infected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world, is now overwhelming the Internet with requests to," said Jeff Carlon, worldwide director of Information Technology infrastructure, The SCO Group.

    Rather than saying the attack was "overwhelming the Internet" it would be more accurate to say that the assault was swamping SCO's site. The Internet, as a whole, is behaving normally. has been removed from DNS records - effectively removing it from the Internet - (smart move IMHO)

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    The previous time they were hit with an attack, there were serious doubts about 'really' being attacked. Some professionals gave their point of view on the matter and provided quite some convincing evidence that they were semi-faking it.

    I hope this is not so in this case, and it probably is not. Such a shame that someone has put SCO at target, it is a crime and I hope they find the person who thought this would be a fun joke and show the reality of the costs and damage done.

    I am not against SCO- My first OS introduction was SCO Unix in 1985 or 6, and it was great. I learned a lot. The last few years they were in the news by their 'stupid' moves, and I think it is a shame they are playing this game like this. It ends up with a user being mad and/or trying to pull a joke by sending a worm into the world that has the power to spread quickly and target 1 company.

    From all the news I have read, I think the best move they made was pull the DNS records.


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