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Do you enable the verify Emai feature ?

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  • Do you enable the verify Emai feature ?

    Well I really didn't wanted to enable this feature, but was kinda forced to.
    It seems each week or so someone brings on our forum a group of people (each time different) use to register like 10 people (until I block new registration) and post several very meaningless crappy messages.

    It seems the person that brings the group of people is making some kind of conference explaining what is a web forum and they make test on my site. I know it cause the guy asked me if he can do so once, except now he donít ask and do it repeatedly.

    After checking the email of the new members crew I realized it was all fake email like [email protected] or [email protected]
    So to prevent this, I just enabled Verify email option, unique email required, and nomultiregs (although this won't help because it seems they are in a classroom with lots of computer).

    On one hand I see the verify email feature as a bit problematic since newbies might not understand it or even when people will see it mentioned they might not even register (I get very bored myself when I visit a forum and I see I will have to get the email verification).

    On the other hand, it really helps limiting spam and ensure people registering really have something to say and want to contribute positively. + it allow me to send them a welcome Email.

    Thoughts on this ? How do you deal with it ?

    Huh ?

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    I use it -- with about 1000 new registrations each week, about 25% of them never get verified. I figure if they aren't willing to give a real email address, then they really don't want to participate in the community. I sent out reminder to activate notices every couple of days and if they don't activate within 2 weeks, we delete the account.

    I am very spam-strict on my boards, and this has been the best deterrent.


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      We use it as well. However we have a lot less sign-ups than Me2Be does.

      The way we handle is this.

      1. Each member gets an activation email.
      2. Each member gets a personal email from our Concierge a few hours after they register. This message welcomes them to the community and introduces them to various staff members.
      3. If they don't activate within 2 days, the Concierge sends them another email asking if they have problems. If this email is answered then we help them activate their account. If unanswered we move them to an "Inactive" Status.

      Soon the Concierge will start sending Customized Birthday cards to each individual.

      and yes, the concierge is a real person, not a script
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        We have it turned on, mainly so that we can limit multiple registrations and keep "good posters good" (take off of keeping "honest people honest" in software licensing). I re-wrote it so that it would instead generate a password and send that to them, so that if the user changes their e-mail address I can re-verify that by changing their password and re-mailing it.

        Does VB2.0 handle that contingency?
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          Another reason why I re-wrote it is that most of the people who sign up do NOT have HTML turned on, or if they do it wraps it in the client, so they have to copy and paste it in, which is pretty difficult for them to do. We had lots of problems with it when we turned it on, so I decided to just generate an 8 digit random password (such as AS32k43s) which is pretty easy for them to copy and paste into the browser and also if they never change it is a lot more secure than some of the passwords I have seen get hacked ("bob", "1234", etc.).
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            I use it, but then ours is intranet. I need to maintain realistic stats on the number of people using the board. Or, rather I will need to do this once it officially launches.


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              Version 2.0 also gives them a short url to visit where they can type in their registration "number".


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                Originally posted by wluke
                and yes, the concierge is a real person, not a script
                Geez, alot of work....Or you have a very inactive forum OR you have a concierge without a real life I suppose


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