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Any content management systems out there?

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    I have never used the product, but i used to know Ewdi Then from NeLogic (Makers of NePHP) He's a real nice guy but doesn't always do the right things.
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        When I owned webdevinfo I used

        It's good but needs some work. Mamboserver looks really good. is worth checking out.


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          I really like Geeklog CMS....


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            I use VirtuaNews.
            It integrates with vb. Template based and is easy on the server.
            I searched for a while before I found this one. Tried just about every cms out there and couldn't find another as good as it.
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              Has anyone tried this ?


              Looks really nice. Haven't had the time to install it yet to test it...


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                Originally posted by bahbah
                Has anyone tried this ?


                Looks really nice. Haven't had the time to install it yet to test it...
                WOW, type3 is really different. the example sites are awesome. I just can't beliefe why never heared of before.

                Would it do the job? Have to test it myself.


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                  Hi everyone...

                  I heard that typo3 has a BIG learning curve and is complicated to configure...

                  I have been researching and reading lots of information on CMS's, and I still am not quite sure what to use...

                  Different people seem to have different preferences, however phpnuke seems to have a lot of people developing modules for it....

                  I wonder what the VB CMS will look like, but it sounds as if it might take some time beore its released because they are understandably working on VB3.

                  Anyone else have feedback on CMS's that are stable AND that offer webmasters flexibility in modifying templates and script??



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                    Anyone know if phpnuke is integratable as a CMS for vb3? Are there any mods out there that do this?


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                      I just bought Evo Articles ( ) yesterday. It's a great article management tool.
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                        I've tried Evo Articles about a month ago and it seems to be to early in development for me, has a lot of potiental but support is way to slow and the software still need improved.

                        I'd like to know when cPublisher is coming out and vBulletin's version of a CMS is coming out.

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                          Typo3 is really big and full featured, but doesn't run really smoothly on a shared paket.

                          We are currently evaluating the following:

                          ConPresso (german)

                          Contenido (german)
                          Demo: per request



                          The list is from the german magazine C'T ... their favorite is ConPresse.

                          All are Freeware or under GPL.

                          We may wait for vB-CMS.
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                            I've been looking for a CMS that Integrates with vBulletin. All of the opensource portals don't. I'm not paying for a CMS since money is limited.

                            What I hate about vBulletin is that it doesn't Integrate with crap.
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                              A friend of mine and I are in the process of integrating Mambo with our vBulletin 3.
                              We'll consider releasing it.


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                                Is there a decent CMS out there that I could manage game cheats with?
                                I'm currently looking for the best way that I could manage game cheats without using too much space on the server..


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