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    I desperately need a CMS which I will happily pay up to $300 for. I have looked into virtuanews and miraserver but both products look like they are in the infant stages of their development process.

    I could write one, and have done in the past for companies, but don't have the time to on this particular project.

    Can anyone please recommend any thing which might be suitable....

    Areas on site: Reviews/News/Articles/Download Directories/Member comments etc. these are some things which I would like the CMS to integrate. Also it would be great if it could integrate with vbulletin as this will be added to the site. This however is not essential as I will write the integration code if need be.

    This site will recieve in excess of 1M pageviews/month so this system needs to be robust and kind to server load.

    I don't particularly wish to go for a *nuke portal variety....


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    Actually VN has been around for a while. It was originally coded for use on Neowin.
    I use it and I love it. When I was looking for a CMS I looked at just about every one available that wasn't phnuke like and the only 2 I found were miraserver and vn. I went with VN because I couldn't get a yes or no answer when I asked if it would run on IIS.
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      We use StoryTeller and have for some time. I would highly recommend it to you, especially if your site is going to be of that size. Specifically its caching feature will help you tremendously when it comes to server load. Currently we have 4 sites on the same machine (duel xeon) doing in that range of page views daily and our server load run >1.

      There's about a million other reasons I could give you, but that's why there's a web site. Give it a peek.
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        Check out Article Manager ( or edit-x (


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          Can anyone comment on PHPNuke/PostNuke?


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            Originally posted by RandomLove
            Can anyone comment on PHPNuke/PostNuke?
            Depends on what you're wanting to do. The *Nuke programs are great if you're doing a basic site, like a clan site, but if you're wanting to do something more professional, I'd go with something else.

            Additionally, the *Nuke programs have been known to have a lot of bugs and holes.


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              Would be very nice to see vB going after the CMS market after vb3 goes gold.
              Who knows, they might have already started.


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                The CMS is on the way:




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                  I think you provided the wrong link, I don't see anything mentiong a CMS there.


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                    Here it is


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