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  • FBI/DDoS Attacks are NOW ON MY NERVES

    Okay I am officially pissed off at FBI and this hacker. Now I am really tempted to go and fire a letter off to congress demanding what the **** they are doing about this....cause they seriously aren't putting my tax dollars to resolve a simple issue as this.

    I'm tempted to go fill and out and see if that gets their attention any.

    Hopefully the IC3 people would do least that's what their job description says..

    Since its inception, the IFCC has received complaints crossing the spectrum of cyber crime matters, to include on-line fraud in its many forms, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) matters, Computer Intrusions (hacking), Economic Espionage (Theft of Trade Secrets), On-line Extortion, International Money Laundering, Identity Theft and a growing list of Internet facilitated crimes. Over the past three years it has become increasingly evident that, regardless of the label placed on a cyber crime matter, the potential for it to overlap with another referred matter is substantial. The IFCC is therefore being renamed the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), to better reflect the broad character of such matters having a cyber (Internet) nexus referred to the IC3, and to minimize the need for one to distinguish "Internet Fraud" from other potentially overlapping cyber crimes.
    On another note, can I get back allowed in here? I'm getting in here through anonymous proxies... -_-"

    Ticket is already in system
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    Have is ever occurred to you that the script kiddie may not be a us citizen? I'm not certain, but i haven't seen it say that (s)he is a us citizen.

    And the script kiddie is probably watching these forums now, just getting more encouraged by you being mad. I'm not upset about this at all, there is nothing i need on this site, i don't need support or download anything, just come here to chat.

    And it's sad that you will let not being able to access a website piss you off so much, it's just a website, go outside and get some fresh air and realize that there ARE other things out there then one little website.
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      i thought that it was said that he was from asia or something. and if he if from china or something; well, you know how the USA <-> Chinees relationship is......
      Originally Posted by Zachery
      John originally presented vBulletin to Infopop, they didn't take it, so he took it and sold it

      Originally Posted by Martin
      We had to do a lot of arm twisting to get him to do it, though. I would imagine he still hates us.


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        if anyone is still blocked can you send your IP to [email protected]

        I think a portion of Comcast is being blocked off which is on the range. Thats due to excesive DOS attacks from
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          Good thing my ip doesn't start with 24, even though i'm with comcast.
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            Mines started with 24. since i was 22, but im with rogers,, most of shaw and cogeco IP's are 24.x.x.x
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              Hm last I remember a bunch of the people who were blocked were from Germany, which would lead me to believe that some of the zombie machines are from Germany.
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                Yeah I have Comcast and I am in that IP range and I noticed I could get here through AOL only. The only way I figured out how to get back in here was through something I read on some other forum.


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                  If you actually remember when all this started,, it was just on weekends, Saturday and Sundays, then would die off Monday and be fine until Friday again.

                  Now during the holiday's, he or she was likely home and decided to start up again.
                  So i would expect it to stop anytime again now.
                  I just have a strong feeling its a univ student, that learned a new trick in school, well DoSing isnt exactly the hardest thing to do.

                  That just how i see it, why theyre doing it for such a long time period is completely ridiculous, what ever reason they did it for, i think they made they're point.
                  It is just getting really childish now
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                    Actually some of the biggest attacks at the beginning of November happened on Wednesdays...


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                      Originally posted by Kier
                      Actually some of the biggest attacks at the beginning of November happened on Wednesdays...
                      Really? i didnt know that, i just find it odd that the main attacks, actually have a certain pattern to them..

                      Being someone that is occupied during most of the week. Almost like they only have time to do it on weekends or only have access to a computer on the weekends, and then doing it consistantly during the holidays, just makes me think it's someone who goes home on weekends and holidays..
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                        IRC Botters. There is a real good read at where they were hit hard for a while by a 13 year old. Lining up the infected machines with bot relays and cutting them loose. It's really a must read and very interesting the actions he took to defend himself. Including making his own IRC trojan that allowed him into the world of the kids with no responsible parents. Here is the link.

                        Read the whole article. You'll find it interesting.
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                          We used to get Wednesday afternoon's off at Uni. Maybe it is a Uni student...
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                            We know who it is, and even his address... we just have to convince the authorities to take some action...


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                              Best wishes Kier, you have an uphill battle with the authorities. Remember you are just another site troubled with this situation. Their attitude, unless changed, is most likely something like... "If you can't handle it, get off the net."

                              or ... "If you haven't had a $whatever amount in loss, then you have no case."

                              or ... "The chances of prosecution of a 9 year old are very slim. Maybe we should see if mom will ground him."

                              Of course I would rather see a news headline on CNet...

                              "Jelsoft had enough, catches and prosecutes another web idiot"

                              Well... you really can't call them hackers or crackers. They are more like just a thorn in your foot.
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