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  • o_O

    I just love that smilie.
    Somehow it conveys exactly what you're thinking.

    Any ideas where it originated?
    Sig? What sig?

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    o_O that one ?

    Its from Yahoo, first place I saw people start using it.

    also another one From yahoo I think: <_< or <.< >.> >_>


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      I first saw that on Yahoo IM... but I prefer to use o.0
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        *looks at avatar*
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          they're what i refer to as "anime smilies" they first popped up about 5 years ago on an anime site i used to frequent called celeen's or something like that, back in the day when cynical and sarcastic59 were still at, ah well, they're great, theirs loads, my favourite being 0_<


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            What does this smilie mean? Something like ^^ i guess. Wrong?
            That's the end of that!


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              Originally posted by MrNase
              What does this smilie mean? Something like ^^ i guess. Wrong?
              Confusion I think.
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                yup confused 0_o
                0_o;;; very confused


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                  I like this better:


                  has a nice garfield touch to it
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                    Of course!

                    animé smillies. ù_ù

                    My favourite is the cabbit /=^_^=\ Mya!
                    Sig? What sig?


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                      a personal one created by me:


                      PS: DD, i found your forums and reg'd. but i got a DB error, i presume you know about this. and i hope you don't mind me reging?
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                        o.O O.o o.o O.O ._. ._O O_. >.> <.< >.< ;.; ¬.¬ n.n u.u -.- ^.^

                        Probably the set of smilies that I use all the time. Where did I first saw it?some RPG in aol chatroom...and then in AIM.
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                          I really like >.< and ^_^ or X_X T_T


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                            My personal favorite....

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                              I made up @_~ a while ago by mistake, its stuck ever since

                              ü is a good one for when you are doing SMSes because its alot easier to get than : and ) or more characters depending on how you write it.


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