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Contemplating weather or not to start expecting advertisement.

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  • Contemplating weather or not to start expecting advertisement.

    We have a good number of related businesses wanting to advertise to our forums audience ( currency/online traders ) Our site currently has 3900 members and over 1.5 million hits a day. So now we are contemplating weather or not to start expecting advertisement placement, banners, section and forum sponsorships on our forums or paid membership and looking for some members experienced with this and to review some well designed VB forums/sites witch have used add placements or memberships as a source of revenue.

    I would like to hear from members who could lend any advice

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    Google Adsense would be an excellent way to generate some income. You can choose from a variety of banner sizes and colors. I would suggest using it over anything else.
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      Thanks for the suggestion tgillespie but since we have over 15 advertisers already lined up willing to pay for placment we just need to learn how to design the placement on the site..

      anyone know of any good example sites that you can refer us to or have experience with add placements ?

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