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    Alright, here's the deal. I got a shiny new Handspring Treo 600 through Sprint, so I have the Vision plan with unlimited data/SMS. I have 4 POP3 email address that I want to monitor for new emails, 2 are from ISPs (Earthlink and Ameritech), one is on my dedicated server, and the other on a friend's server.

    A procmail fix or whatever isn't viable because for my friend's or my server because neither of us are running procmail. Also, it wouldn't solve the other accounts on the ISPs. Does anyone know of either a free/cheap Win32 app or online service that would check it every, say, 15 minutes at the max.

    I scoured Google for around 4 hours last night and found crappy apps that either didnt work, werent supported/in business anymore, or services that didnt quite do what I wanted at a reasonable price (I consider $5 or FREE reasonable). Any ideas?

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