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  • My message to the world

    Hello, my name is Viktor Bychenok and this is my model of the Universe.

    Universe is Energy. Everything around us is energy. Human beings are energy. Animals and trees are energy. There are three types of energy: positive, negative and neutral. Positive energy is the energy of Love. Negative energy is the energy of Domination. Neutral energy is the energy of Awareness. Any action is either an act of accumulation of energy, an act of release of energy or an act of exchange of energy. Energy never disappears it simply changes form. Scientists are aware of all of these facts but they are not aware of the meaning.

    If you want to find out if this theory works or not try to observe yourself during the day and identify what kind of energy you are using each moment of your existence. The result will shock you. You might notice that a lot of people around you are playing “energy wars”. Some of them are using negative energy. Their goal is to provoke you and force you to release your energy so that they can accumulate it. There are several ways to protect yourself. You can use neutral energy and refuse to participate in the “negative drama”. You can use positive energy of love and “neutralize” negative energy. Or you can use negative energy of your own in order to win the energy war. Others will use different tactics. A person who is asking you a lot of irrelevant questions or who is telling you about his/her day is forcing you to focus and release your neutral energy of Awareness. If you refuse to participate you might hear something like: “You don’t love me anymore”. Making you feeling guilty is another way to steal your energy. Relationship is often abused in order to draw energy. For example, if your girl is asking you “Do you love me?” very often it is a signal that she has low energy level and she wants to use your energy. In a relationship where two people love each other the energy is constantly flowing between two people and there is no need for energy stealing. It’s ok to give your energy to people who need it but if you do it often they will get used to it and they will use you as a “source” of the energy. This may lead to some serious problems. As time goes by such “energy vampire” will try to spend a lot of time with you. Not being together is not an option since without the “human source” “energy vampire” will feel very upset and annoyed which is an indicator that the energy level is down. The solution is to teach “energy vampire” how to find a source of energy and become self-sufficient being.

    There are many ways to connect to the energy source. One way is meditation. I am connected to a source of neutral energy of Awareness. If I feel tired I can use meditation and draw as much energy as I need. It is very fast and convenient method and I recommend it to everyone. Another way to gain energy is to communicate with other people. If you send a positive energy of love you might connect to the source of energy of Love and you will gain as much energy as you want. Some people prefer negative energy of Domination. Participating in sport activities does the trick if you win. Have you noticed that when you win a game you feel enormous amount of joy? You dominated your opponent and you made him/her feel like a loser. As a result you receive a very powerful energy boost. Negative energy is not always bad. It can be very refreshing to feel its power from time to time. Keep in mind that if you get addicted to negative energy you will find yourself in trouble. You might disconnect yourself from the source of neutral energy and positive energy. People who use a lot of negative energy become obsessed with power. They will constantly provoke their family members and relatives and engage in “energy warfare”. They will not be aware of their problem since in order to gain objectivity they need a dose of neutral or positive energy. This can lead to a lot of pain, suffering and violence.

    Let’s look at the “Spiritual energy wars” in a global perspective. U.S. is controlling global economy and popular culture and as a result drawing enormous amount of energy from the rest of the world. That makes a lot of people unhappy. Billions of people use negative energy against Americans and as a result they participate in a global energy war against US. A simple statement like “US will be destroyed" will produce a small amount of negative energy toward the destruction of US. Now imagine what would happen if you repeat that every day for five minutes. Imagine if billions of people repeat that statement for five minutes every day. Imagine the amount of negative energy that is accumulated toward the goal of destroying US. This enormous negative energy is already at work. The only way to stop it is to convince the creators of such energy to take it back. As you can imagine this scenario is very unlikely. If you’re a citizen of US I would advise you to move to another country if you want to stay alive.

    Sexual energy is one of the most powerful sources of neutral energy. You have an option of transforming sexual energy in either energy of love or negative energy. If you’re dominating your partner or your partner dominating you during sex you’re transforming that neutral energy into a negative energy of domination. According to Tanric tradition you should accumulate your semen (true for both male and female) and never ejaculate. During orgasm you’re wasting enormous amounts of energy for no reason other than pleasure. If you accumulate your sexual fluids your body will redirect that energy in your “brow chakra” and your “crown chakra” (your energy centers). As a result you will experience an energy orgasm (positive energy of love) which can last for a very long time. There is no way to discribe the experience in words other than regular orgasm will look like a child's play.. There are special breathing exercises which will help you to do that. Practicing Kundalini yoga will accelerate your progress. You can acheive energy orgasm either alone or with a partner.

    Let’s talk about religions. I’ve spent a lot of time studying Buddhism and I am pretty sure that this religion is sponsored by the neutral energy of awareness. Although some Buddhist sects attempt to cultivate “loving-kindness” the major focus is on being free from “samsara” (process of reincarnation) and achieving Nirvana (state of pure awareness). Buddhism will teach you how to abandon dualistic way of thinking and connect to source of neutral energy of awareness. On the other hand Christianity is a religion of dualism. The message of love is mixed with the message of fear. Christians will tell you that God loves you with all his heart and he gave you free will and yet, you should not sin or you will burn in hell. Yet, if God didn’t want you to do certain things why did he created the ability to do it? If you admit that man is not perfect that means that God is not perfect and that is not the truth. In my opinion Christianity is totally inconsistent. The reason for that is that it was created by Romans in order to dominate masses. As a result they combined positive energy of love with negative energy of domination. This proved to be very powerful mix. It allows a situation where one hand is healing while another hand is killing. The Bible was edited hundreds of people for hundreds of reason. If you want to know the original message of Christ read “The Gospel of Thomas”.

    To be continued…
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    What the Fuxk


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      What do you mean?


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        I don't think this is the correct place for such a post. But then again I could be wrong...


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          For those who didn't understand him:

          Well done, but i don't agree with you in some terms but that are things i can't explain in english
          That's the end of that!


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            i think it was a waste of time typing that so i hope you copied n pasted it from somewhere theres no way on gods fine earth im going to read all that so in actual fact yeah ! you wasted your time


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              Originally posted by DR€@M W€@V€R
              i think it was a waste of time typing that so i hope you copied n pasted it from somewhere theres no way on gods fine earth im going to read all that so in actual fact yeah ! you wasted your time
              It's sad that you don't crave any knowledge and are only interested in posts such as "omg lol that was funny".

              If any post is over 2 paragraphs people can't be assed to read it, todays people are such lazy b****rds.


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                you forgot about string theroy


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                  If I recall correctly, this same member made a post a while back linking to his website and it was locked for spam. He is returning to see if he can make it "legit." You can find his previous post at . I think it's in rather poor taste to repost something that was obviously not appreciated by the admins.


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                    Yeah, but last time he just posted a link to his website. This time he actually pasted the article in his post.


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                      im remya. i was browsing the net loking for positive and negative energies andcame across ur post. i was very glad that at least there is some one else in this world who believes in my philosophy. i entirely agree with ur concept of positive, negative and neutral energy. can any one explain who is god and where does he reside. god is simply the sum total of all the enrgies in this universe. the source of all energies in the universe. that is the universal energy of which all of us are a part of. the scientists have discovered all the facts regarding energy and energy transformation etc. but none was able to corelate it with god. the source of positive and negative energy is neutral. its us those who convert it into positive or negative. The energy which fills this entire universe is what we call god. the negative is called satan in terms of christianity. in this context lets analyse what soul is. its nothing but the energy with in us. when we die, where does that energy go. both christianity, hinduism and other religions believe in the existance of soul. but the exact nature of soul remain unexplained . the reason is soul being energy is not visible nor can be felt. when we talk of liberation of soul, what is meant is that our energy gets mixed up with the universal energy instead of passing it in to another body. if we can think in terms of energy all our confusions will dissapear. Mr. viktor, when ever great philosophers like jesus and some onewho said the earth is round, and men evolved from apes spoke out the truth, people thought they were insane and insulted them. the blind people cant appreciate what vision is if a person with vision describes it to them. like wise the ignorant cant appreciate knowledge. so please dont get disheartened by the sircastistic comments of people. i know u wont let negative energy flow in to u. please continue to post such valuable ideas.


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