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  • Windows Server , Visual Basic, Help

    Does anyone know what the pros and cons of running
    Windows server 2003 ?

    and what does VB do ?

    Any answers ?

    Im thinking of using my old p2 as a server for a small hit personal Friends only journal site.

    and was wondering if VB and Windows Server 2003 are ok,
    I use php/mysql for Big hit sites...

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    Windows Server 2003 is a pretty good leap above 2000. The datacenter I help manage has pretty much moved all of our 2000 servers (and even some *nix machines) to 2003 with no problems. If you want to run your PHP/MySQL sites on your server, I'd recommend using Linux or FreeBSD. Esp considering you've got a P2.

    Visual Basic is a programming language. Mostly a client side language similar to C/C++. Quite different from PHP which is mostly a web based scripting language.
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      You could use Windows Server 2003 and then install PHP/MySQL, etc. or you could go the way I would (and current have) and install a Linux Distro then PHP/MySQL.

      Good luck


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        No, I have php/mysql installed on my sites which are publicly open.

        Iwant to know what the good points of running WS2003 on a p2 and does VB go with it or seperate or what ?


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          So you're looking to have two servers? One with your sites and one for Visual Basic programming (I assume ASP.NET if you need a server for it)?

          Running 2003 will be slow on a P2. I'm not sure what you mean about VB going with 2003. To program in VB (again, I assume you mean VB.NET) you'll need Visual Studio .NET. To write client side applications you don't need a server. To write ASP.NET applications with a VB.NET backend, you'll need to use IIS on 2003 Server.
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            At my work, they have also transition many of the servers to Windows Server 2003. Many of the structure and coding of VB is similar in ASP so you shouldn't have any trouble. ASP sucks, but ASP.NET is something totally different, something to drool about, good luck.

            The pros of running Windows Server 2003, is that it has a very good administration interface, and easy to manage control panel, and monitoring system, with easy configuration. Just keep it patched up, and fully protected as Windows Based systems are the target for many viruses and hackers.


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