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Someone Please Help me With a WINXP prob

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  • Someone Please Help me With a WINXP prob

    Can Someone please help me with a winxp problem ?

    I want to share internet with two computers how do I set this up ?

    I need a tutorial or guide or you posting telling me how.

    thanks for your help if you can give it

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    Have you heard of a router? If you have broadband, you buy a router and the rest will follow. Instructions would be in the box.

    Or you can use ICS, which will require you to have 3 network cards total.
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      I have a router and a Broadband connection.

      the problem is it's linksys.


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        What's wrong with linksys? I have a linksys and it does fine..
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          Apparently they don't show up in Windows XP


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            What you mean they don't show up? As long as its an ethernet router, it should do it automaticly if you have DHCP enabled.

            I don't like why it wouldn't work, give us some more info?
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              Mabye you need the driver


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                There are linksys drivers

                Mine worked out of the box..
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                  tried the cd, it made my internet go off, had to direct connect the cablemodem from roadrunner to the pc to get it to work then I had torestart it.


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                    Mine worked out of the box with PC/Mac

                    Ok I will only help you out if you come to my site and post this question so I can answer it there… Aye help me out I need the members. LOL

                    So what do we have?
                    2 computers
                    1 broadband connection
                    1 Linksys router

                    Ok this may sound to easy but go with it. The Cable connection from the wall goes to the Modem (cable). Now the modem has a place for the Network cable (CAT5/3 who cares), plug than in there and then plug the other end to the router’s WAN port.
                    Now we have the modem and router connected. From the router there should be 4 ports (at least the one I have and assuming you have) get two network cables and plug them into any two ports in the back of the router. Now from the router you need to plug the other ends of the network cable to each computer.

                    Now we have the connections made.
                    If you have the Linksys BEFSR41/or BEFSR11/ or BEFSRU31 it may already be setup as a DHCP server. With all your connections made turn on your PC’s. You may need to go into your network settings to set your PC’s to use DHCP. “GET IP Automatically.”

                    So check the boxes make sure the network config’s are setup for DHCP. It may require you to reboot. Hint do one box at a time. If this is working at this point your IP should be something like This is where it may get interesting because I don’t remember exactly.
                    But open your web browser and type in the Address if this worked you will be prompted for a username and password. There should be no username required and the password should be BEFSR41 or admin or administrator. It’s in the book for the router.

                    From here just make sure that it is setup for DHCP, and mod any other settings you wish. Once you have the Router setup for DHCP and your PC’s setup to get an IP address automatically, the router will assign one to your boxes when you turn them on. Fromm here you should be able to use both boxes. NO Drivers, No CD, Just a little tinkering required.

                    -this was quick so I may have something but this basically is it.

                    Im running XP-Pro Mac OSX, and SuSe and the Linksys works with all no prob.


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                      I have a linksys router running between all my computers which wqrks fine on XP. If you don't want to buy a router, you can buy a yellow crossover cable and connect that to each computers ethernet card. You then run the networking wizard for each computer.

                      On the computer that I had the broadband, I had two ethernet cards in that computer, one for the internet connection and the other for the crossover cable to connect to the other computer.

                      So either way, router or crossover cable, either one will work.
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                        Originally posted by f-a_org
                        tried the cd, it made my internet go off, had to direct connect the cablemodem from roadrunner to the pc to get it to work then I had torestart it.
                        Don't forget to run the network setup wizard on each computer. If you don't run the correct setup in that wizard, the computers won't reconize each other. Simply run the wizard again with one of the other selections and it will work with the correct one.


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                          UGH.. I hate that wizard. Usually easier for me to set up everything manually instead of running that garbage. Always screwing up my domain and workgroups.

                          You have to make double sure that all the computers are on the same workgroup if you want to share files and devices, won't matter for internet through a router though.

                          What does matter for the internet connection is to make sure that your cable modem isn't restricted to a single MAC address. If it is then you will need to get that changed by the cable company to get it to work properly. It will need to be changed to match the MAC address of your router or you need to change the MAC address of the router to something the modem recognizes. You can change the MAC address by going into the Router control panel and clicking on "Advanced" then MAC Address Clone.

                          Oh and that disc that came with the router? Only thing good about it is the PDF file which contains the manual. That little application is worthless. Everything it can do can be done in your web browser by pointing it at and entering in your password. I recommend changing from the default listed in the manual as soon as possible if not sooner.

                          Any specific questions just ask. I have setup dozens of home networks using Linksys products over the years. They are the only home networking products that I will allow in my own house. Period.
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                            The thing is the router and everything worked in linux .
                            I already have everything through the router will try the method suggested above.


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                              Originally posted by f-a_org
                              I have a router and a Broadband connection.

                              the problem is it's linksys.
                              You know who makes 90% of linksys's routers??

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