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Looking to buy a new/used truck

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  • Looking to buy a new/used truck

    Well, for years and years i have put off buying a car, i don't like what insurance company's charge, and never been a big fan of driving, i have always took the bus or rode with co-workers, i have never needed a car.

    In a few months i'm looking to buy a pickup, but don't know which one to get? I have a friend that works at a GMC dealership, and can get me any car from their partners (Not sure which) for a good price. Or i'll have her come with me and help me haggle with the dealership of my choice (Since she knows how to do these things)

    I've been looking around while i'm going to work, and those Ford F-150's or Toyota Tundra have been ones i've seen alot. They look nice.

    My Requirements (I know NOTHING about cars, so i need a guide to show me the ropes):

    1) Price really doesn't matter as long as it's under $20k-$25k
    2) Don't mind Diesel or Unleaded, just as long as it doesn't make alot of noise!
    3) Good mileage of course, around 20MPG would be great
    4)Should have the option of having an extra-cab (No doors though)
    5) Not too huge, i don't want a big bad ass truck
    6) 4x4 not needed, but would be an extra.
    7) CD/Radio/Air conditioner/heating/nice interior/power windows
    8) A bed cover, not the kind that go all the way to the roof, but the tarp kind so the bed is covered, as long as it's easily removable
    9) My friend (The dealer) told me never buy new because they rip you off, and it's a better value to buy used

    Not sure what else i would want, like i said, i know nothing about cars and their packages
    Running vB since 4-14-2002

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    If you are concerned about gas mileage and dont need to haul/tow stuff, why not get a car?

    Before you buy a used vehicle, get it inspected by an independant garage. A used truck may have been abused by the previous owner, especially if it is off a lease from a company.

    Some manufactures are giving amazing financing rates which you wont get from a bank if you buy the truck used.

    Call about insurance before you buy! When I bought my new Nissan, insurance was lower for it than a used Honda!

    Dont rush into buying the vehicle, as it is a big investment. Good luck and keep us informed!


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      I have a Tundra so I would recommend that, especially if you don't want a "big bad ass truck" which is what the Dodge and the new F-150 are trying to be. You aren't going to find a truck with the extra seats in the back that doesn't have extra doors. All of the trucks now have a 4 door option (crew cab) or you can get just an extended cab with suicide doors (smaller doors, less room in the back).


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        I do agree with 0ptima.

        If you have no need for a 4x4 / truck, why bother? There are stats out there that prove its 26 times more likely to kill you or someone else in an accident

        Down here, i bought myself a new car and i must say, it was worth every penny, but being a very common car in australia, there is no resell value and im sure i could have gotten something with similar specs for cheaper, but for some reason i wanted a new one


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          Pickups can be very handy at times. You don't have to get a huge one, particularly if you don't have to drive a lot of family around in it daily. Nissans are nice. I've got one with 240K miles on it that I've had for a long time. If you're not mechanically inclined however, buy a new or low mileage used vehicle. If you buy used, be sure to have it checked over by someone who knows what they are doing. I think there are sites now that you can check vehicle history by VIN.


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            And make sure it's insured before you drive it off the lot!


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