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How many domain names do you own?

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    I have 6, only 2 are working tho

    4 years ago I was only dreaming about owning its just so fun I will keep my original domain registered for as long as I keep a PC in my house


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      Just 1.
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        Sheesh, now I feel like some sort of domain name junky. I have 90+ domain names. Most are just redirects to my active sites.


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          Why does everyone have so many?


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            Originally posted by ogden2k
            Why does everyone have so many?
            A lot of them can be/are used for re-directs, and some are for speculation, either for our own plans or for a possible future sale.

            Plus, some resellers (like DomainGuru) make it painfully easy to buy them, so impulse purchases are a snap. <cough> But they sure add up.


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              I have ~15 or so. Only about 5 are in use, the rest I plan to develop whenever I find some free time.


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                .com domain names are a finite resource. As such, just because a domain name is available today, doesn't mean it will be tomorrow. So you try to project what you may want to do in the future, then plan ahead today by reserving the domain names that would best suit that purpose. If it doesn't work out, no big deal, you just let the domain names lapse that are no longer relevant.

                When the .com frenzy was in full swing, I predicted that leasing and renting domain names may become popular, so I reserved and I think I also have as well, but can't remember.

                The frenzy has fizzled, so it is unlikely those names will ever be put to use. But what the heck. If I could accurately predict the future, EVERYONE would be working for me right now.....

                Anyway, most of my other domain names are related to my real business (selling reptiles and/or fauna (FaunaClassifieds). Then I decided to do some websites related to my other interest (firearms) and I reserved some names related to that field, being one of them.

                Heck, I got the auction fever for a bit and got set up just to watch it die on the vine, along with a couple of other domain names.

                I think more websites fail than survive, so most domain names are just not being used, or else were used, and then discarded. So probably a good percentage of *good* domain names today are just in limbo.

                Oh well, it's just things people do that appear to be a good idea at the time, but then appear to be dumb when viewed in retrospect.


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                  i do own 9

                  no *.com domains, only *.de, *.org and *.info (useless )
                  That's the end of that!


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                    wow bunch of people here owns alot of domains.

                    I own one at the moment.

                    I will probably get more in the future.

                    One for just the forums, one for the site, and others for redirect.
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