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all these forums with cool looking headers

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  • all these forums with cool looking headers

    I figure they've been done in photoshop. I've tried for a long time to find a tutorial in making something like I see, but there's nothing that I have found that can actually talk me through exactly how to use the tools to accomplish this. Anyone know of any that specifically teach- but use elements made in header images?

    I'm not looking for links to general tutorial sites, but an actual tutorial.

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    Many are done in 3dsMax and then touched up in Photoshop.


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      Way I learned is by taking the time to actually sit down and read the photoshop book. The basics are so key when dealing with photoshop. After... after you learn the basics and how things function may you expand and start playing with blending options, filters, and actions. Again, if you don't have the book buy it or take a class. The benifits are way larger than trying to learn without a good refrence.
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        I don't know if any of my headers apply, but I usually just take a picture and screw around with levels, layers, and stuff. It's all about experimenting with the different functions to find out what they do.
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