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How much does your site cost you?

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  • How much does your site cost you?

    I was just reading a thread about people advertising on there site to offset the cost of running it and to make money. Anyways, I was shocked with the posts that said they were paying several thousand dollars a month to run there site.

    Now I know that my site has almost NO TRAFFIC but its still hard to believe that what I'm paying $9.99/mo for now could end up costing me several thousand a month!

    Could someone give me a rundown of why a site would cost that much (hosting specs and cost) and an idea of how big your site has to get before this is really needed!

    Also, how much does your site cost to run? (link to please)


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    I didn't know if you were asking for a link to the host or the site, so I'll provide both.

    My Site:

    My host:


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      The biggest thing that makes running a large forum cost a lot is bandwidth.

      Large sites are using hundreds of GB of bandwidth per month, which really adds up. My host chargest $4/GB, I think, so there's a big portion right there.

      Another big item is the server(s) themselves. Most large sites are on one or more dedicated servers. The monthly costs for maintaining these servers are at least a few hundred dollars.


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        It is a plus owning a hosting company -- my vbulleting community costs me nothing additional to run on a day by day basis.


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          I pay almost $160 a month for my VPS ... moving to a dedicated server before christmas, which might cost $180 a month ... there are 7 other sites hosted on my server, which help offset the monthly costs...
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            What sort of servers are you running?

            Originally posted by Joshs
            It is a plus owning a hosting company -- my vbulleting community costs me nothing additional to run on a day by day basis.


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              Originally posted by Russell
              What sort of servers are you running?
              Pretty much all RedHat Linux 7.4 / 9.0 with cPanel. Are you asking about actual specs?


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                $30 per month. This is my bandwidth in kbytes for September - 51,096,869. I guess that would be 51 gig.
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                  14.99 GBP / Month.
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                    server costs
                    co-location fees
                    support management
                    bandwidth (lots of this stuff)

                    Yes, I pay a big hunk of money each month. i started on a small 10.00 per month place and as the traffic increased, so did my costs.

                    We are about to move to a new, larger dedicated server having been on a dedicated server for over 2.5 years. (Dual xeon ---oh yeah!) And yes, many of my own costs other don't have. Why not? I'm not a sysadmin. i'm a gal who thought of an idea and launched a site 5 years ago having no clue how to handle the most complicated part of the hardware. I could do a bit of html. Now, I depend on a sysadmin to handle the server and a webdeveloper to handle the customizations in code and programming for my site.

                    It costs a hunk of money.... ...and well worth it for my members.
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                      Renting a dedicated server with rackshack (our intended new platform - we haven't moved over yet, so we're just burning some money here :P)
                      Colocation for our old server

                      everyone handles support every now & then, and we actually do it for fun
                      development stuff is done by moi whenever i'm up to it

                      software licenses cost a bunch etc, and we're planning a couple of competitions with proper prizes and things

                      all in all, it's a nice big black hole in our pockets, but we're having a great time
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                        What site do you run Kathy?

                        If you don't want to say could you at least tell me how many members/post you have. Hits a month... etc..

                        I understand why a dedicated server may cost a few hundered to run. I was just shocked by the few thousand number!



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                          It costs me a little over $140/month. I'm hosted with a dedicated server under I think it's worth it.


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                            £50ish for VB

                            when i get a new domain,
                            that'll be around £10

                            webhosting FREE


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                              My site has cost around $400 during its existence after vB license fees, hosting, and a domain name. I paid for it initially, but now it's paid by donors (hence the beautiful lack of ads).
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