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The nerve of Scriptkeeper moderators

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  • The nerve of Scriptkeeper moderators

    I always wanted to find out why UBB forwards you to the first page instead of the last page of a thread when you post a message in it, so I posted a message on their support forum and asked why it was like this. Then some guy answers "It can be done..." and then they close the thread. Incredibly irritating!

    They call that support?

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    This isn't exactly the proper place to complain about actions taking at SK...


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      I know, I just couldn't figure out where to post my thoughts on this. I can't do it at SK because their policy seems to be to silent users with questions they don't want to answer.


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        Yeah, well, the problem is that *everybody* seems to voice his/her complaints over here.
        - Insert viable disclaimer here -



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          Disorientation I call it Imagine someone who used UBB all his life, then comes to vB with all it's speed, no wonder he/she's disoriented

          Nothing against UBB btw, I just think vB is more suitable for larger bulletin boards. But I think we have discussed enough about which one is better...


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            This general topic (UBB, Scriptkeeper, etc) has gotten so old. At first it was amusing, it's always good to hear that you made the right decision when you were looking at bulletin boards. But it has become so very irritating, particularly with the increased frequency of such posts. I hate to be a hard-case but now I have to say get over it. If I don't like the service at a restaurant, I don't stand out front picketing and I don't go into other restaurants and spout off about how that other restaurant sucks. I simply do not go back. How is this any different? If you do not like UBB, Scriptkeeper, or any other business then say it with dollars and perhaps send them an e-mail explaining why you are boycotting. But please, don't waste everyone else's time by rehashing the details.

            And now, like always, I am stepping off my soapbox.


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              Asking questions like "Which one is better vB or UBB?" on this board are like kicking in open doors.


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                Originally posted by Zef Hemel
                Asking questions like "Which one is better vB or UBB?" on this board are like kicking in open doors.
                Do a search and that will pick up many threads that are based on it.


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                  I'm not looking for topics that aks questions like that I know there are many


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