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Need some advice on how to complain to EBay about a complete dickhead seller

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  • Need some advice on how to complain to EBay about a complete dickhead seller

    Many weeks ago i purchased a Webcam addon for my Motorola i95CL phone, before buying it i email them and said, you info says you only ship to US, but if i pay $10-US more will you ship it to CANADA for me?

    He said sure just make sure to include the extra 10 dollars..

    Well i purchased the item threw Buy This Item now and paid him in full.

    waiting a couple weeks, emailed him and he said, we dont usually ship to CANADA, its going to take a little more time, give us a few more days.

    Two more weeks pass and i email him thursday, well he replied to one of my 5 emails to him and this was what he said..

    Sorry about the language, i filtered it out myself, but feel free to take out more if you need too.

    <snip from email start>
    "We are making an exception to ship you a cheap item to Canada. It is a huge pain in the F****** ASS!
    Custom forms and all this other B***S*** for a stupid $30 item. I have to make a special trip inside of the Post Office, which I never do. You can have a little F****** patients and wait till I have time, if i decide to even mail it out."
    <snip from email End>
    Theirs more, but i would be filtering it so much it would be pointless.

    Now this is after i emailed him and verifyied he would mail it to me with the extra 10.00, i guess he decided once he got his money who really cares.

    Does anyone have a direct email address to direct complaints to @ EBay??
    Feedback Forums have no affect what-soever

    I don't care about $30.00-US, but if you have seen this guys feedbacks, he's been jerking young adults around; who probably find $30.00+ US dollars to be alot of money..

    I am not going to post this guys EBay username; unless i am directly given the ok to do so.

    I appreciate any help

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    You can contact eBay to complain by completing this form
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      Originally posted by
      You can contact eBay to complain by completing this form
      Great,, thank you
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        Yeah, that form comes in handy. It got me my money back from some idiot in Japan after I bought an OST (and he said he would ship to the US), and he didn't ship it. It was only $28 but I still wasn't going to be scammed. All I have to say, is good job. It's great to know that you jumped on him for not sending it. Basically, showing him who had the upper hand in the situation. Thanks for posting this Asendin.

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          I try to only buy stuff thats already in the U.S. but i got scammed once saying they were in the U.S when they were in Taiwan i used that form and got my $80 back(i was buying a GBA SP)


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            I got scammed once too... very badly. I sold a laptop to a guy in Texas. Upon arival he claimed the power button did not work correctly. That it was pushed in to far and wouldnt come back out. He insisted that I shipped the laptop like this. So, being a nice guy, I agreed to refund him if he shipped the laptop back. I insisted that he pay for shipping costs though.

            When I got the laptop back, the CD-Rom, floopy drive, and power cable were all missing. The power button even WORKED. For some reason the laptop was in sleep mode and you needed to hold the power button down for 4 seconds. I packed the laptop back up, contacted eBay and PayPal, got my money back and shipped him the laptop. Anyways, that was my rant.... but to tell you the truth, eBay and PayPal are very good when dealing with fraud. You should come out equal.
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              Originally posted by Sephiroth189
              I try to only buy stuff thats already in the U.S. but i got scammed once saying they were in the U.S when they were in Taiwan i used that form and got my $80 back(i was buying a GBA SP)
              That would be ok, but i live in Ontario Canada

              I re-ordered the Camera add on for my Motorola i95cl from another seller who guarantees shipping to CANADA, it's even in his websites dropdown list..

              so i ordered it off the website
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                Not saying the seller is right or wrong. In fact the profanity alone in the email you received is enough to get them kicked off Ebay. Shipping to Canada is a real pain and causes more trouble between buyers and sellers than anything else.
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                  Hmph. I bought from and sold to the US and never had a single problem. I think it's just a bad seller. I'd just ask for a refund and leave negative feedback, because the terms of email communication were not met...
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                    I would definitely leave negative feedback for him, just so you can alert others of how this guy really is.
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                      I'm not sure I shared my bad ebay experience here or not...but I've had one bad experience. I ordered "PHOTOSHOP 7 Used but not abused in package with manual for MAC for 125.00.

                      Buy it now and within a few days I had a burnt CD in a padded envelope.

                      I wrote the guy without response, notified paypal I wanted a refund because the merchandise was not as described. (I could have purchased the upgrade to my photoshop 6 for the same price for educators...but wanted the full copy for my new mac so I could leave the old version on my old mac...)

                      Paypal went investigating...I notified ebay who told me I had to wait a certain length of time. So, I got his phone number from contact info from ebay and called him up.

                      His mom answered the phone.

                      I told her about my ebay purchase, my burnt CD with pirated software that I was requesting a refund...and that I'd emailed her son many times requesting the money be sent back to my account in paypal.

                      She claimed he was a good kid and I assured her that what he did was not only illegal in the state of Georgia, that because he shipped in through USPS over the states postal service, I had plans to contact her local police, the PO, and whoever would listen to me about this kids activities.

                      Within 2 hours my money was returned to me via paypal.

                      I tried to leave negative feedback...but ebay pulled the auction so it no long existed since the item was deemed "illegal". I guess they got that info from me since the item description sounded completely legit.

                      I share this because we have several ways to go about getting refunds or merchandise returned. Paypal and ebay work hand in hand. This is why I only will purchase from someone on ebay with paypal money.
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                        How hard is it to goto the USPS or FedEx and fill the forms out? I occasionally ship to Canada and the process is very smooth with little or not problems at all.

                        I feel that guy is giving you a hard time.
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                          I've traded on eBay from Australia with people in the US and Canada with no problems too. It's a matter of luck on eBay. You've got your decent guys, and the bad apples.
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                            Originally posted by Kathy
                            Paypal and ebay work hand in hand.
                            eBay owns Paypal.
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