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  • Profiting from your website

    I'm currently redesigning/restructuring my website to become more of a cash cow (in a manner of speaking).

    We're going to have a ton of new and original (not to mention dumb/funny) content once the new version of the website launches. I've got 5 editors (including myself), and each one of them is very reliable and talented in creating content that is perfect for the site.

    So, that being said, the major problem we've had in the past was consistent content. Posting news (even with my hack PluhNews) was rather tedious, and submitting new content (via a CMS I created) was also a pain. So, as I'm developing the NEW CMS that will make these things absolutely pain free, and (hopefully) things will really start bringing in the traffic.

    Anyway, after all that is done, I'm planning on marketing the site and implementing some new methods of moneymaking. I would like to gather opinions and/or thoughts on this.

    So far I have:
    • Advertising (need more traffic here first). No popups, of course.
    • Merch (shirts, stickers, beer mugs, etc - all with a very fresh and original theme to them)
    • Ummm... yeah.
    If any of you are making good money on your website, I ask for your advice and thoughts.

    Thanks! (random nonsense) - (my stupid band) - (AZ local music site) -

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    Hrrm, either no one is making money on their site, or... no one cares.

    No prob, I think Site Point will be a better resource. (random nonsense) - (my stupid band) - (AZ local music site) -


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      I make very good money on my website from sponsors. In fact I've had one sponser since 1997.

      I've made some money from donations, but I've never really asked for these. I also setup a 'store' with CafeExpress, but I've only made a few dollors with that. Not really enough to justify the time I spent setting it up.

      And yes, SitePoint is a far more productive environment for these kind of questions.
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        I make a couple hundred dollars a month from my sites sponsors but it just about pays for hosting, my SDSL connection, VB, and a few other things here and there. I own a car enthusiast web site so I do it for the love of the cars, not for the money...


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          Right on!

          I do enjoy web design, programming, and dumb humor, so I won't be doing this just for the money.

          But if the potential is there to make it, then I will try. I would love to run my website for a living rather that work a day job.

          That's the goal.
 (random nonsense) - (my stupid band) - (AZ local music site) -