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  • Bye bye

    for now

    I am typing this very very slowly on a old 486sx/33, 12 mb ram Win 95 notebook right now using a sloooow dialup line and Netscape Navigator Gold 3.02. My last pc, last night decided that it would like to overheat the cpu and hang whenever in use

    I maybe out of action for 7 - 14 days while I get all 3 of my desktop pcs fixed May even miss vB 2.0's debut as a public beta

    You have no idea how slow and painfully annoying it is using a 486sx/33 running Win 95 with only 12mb of ram and a 30mb swap file

    I can't use outlook express since my cpu and memory restrictions aren't allowing me to do so, i am using netscape mail and can only access 1 mail account [email protected] - so contact me at this address if needed.

    Now i know why J.Eng doesn't post on these forums - he's on a 486 machine too and it takes around 5 - 10 minutes even to read and load a page

    I'd like to congratulate wayne/sitepoint for their acquistion of Echoweb network

    I'd like to say to Susan, congrats and all the best on your new P3 800 machine. if it's a dual p3 800, trust me it can handle alot since when i was on a dual p3 800 i hit 13 members + 715+ guests and it still ran fine

    Martin hope that your new dual pentium server is working great for you

    hopefully my vB forum doesn't do anything strange while i am out of action

    btw, using Netscape Navigator Gold 3.02, all vB forums i visited including this one, look very very bad... all the style sheet settings show up as text on the top of the forum pages and the colours are all off...

    i even get javascript pop up errors on alot of the sites i tried to visit including mine...

    well signing off for a while

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    Awwww, hope your compter gets fixed soon
    Best of luck!


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      Fingers crossed!


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        Ah George, I don't envy you a bit. Nearly 4 years ago I got given a 486 25Mhz with 8MB of Ram, a 120mb hard drive, and a 2400 modem. It served me well for the 6 months I had it, but web surfing was more like web drowning. "Walking on the information super-highway" was how I discribed it. During that 6 months, the Packard Bell saw a lot of upgrades, most notibly a 33.6 modem, but it was still painfully slow. I hope you can get your PC's back sooner than a week or two. (One thing the PB taught me was how to troubleshoot and repair/replace hardware.) If I was in Oz, I'd come over and see if I could lend ya a hand.

        Hope to see ya soon,


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          George, if it does anything funky, let me know. I'll help where I can.

          The new server is rocking


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            Are you going to be okay? I mean, are you going to be able to stand it?

            Hope you're back soon!

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              Come back soon!

              It sounds like it's time to buy yourself a slightly early valentines day gift.
              We're Here Forums!
              [email protected]


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                Yeah pick yourself up a nice new dell, they have never left me stranded!

                See ya in a week!
                We're Here Forums!
                [email protected]


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                  Eva, I'm sorry you are having all these problems! Hope to see you soon

                  ** Hey everyone, now's your chance to get your posts up!! ** j/k

                  (Seriously, we will miss you!)


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                    Thanks for the kind words...

                    Hurry back as soon as you can. Many vBulletin forums will be lacking until you return.
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                      What do you need to get things working again? I have alot of parts just laying around....let me may take awhile to get to you but it may be worth it!


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                        I don't think you'll be able to last for a whole week without posting in the forums, I mean come on, you're ALWAYS here, how are you gonna be able to stand it?

                        Wish ya luck


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                          How can we point people to eva's sig now?


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                            Aww, that's not good Eva2000. I feel sorry for you, a while ago I was on a 400mhz with a 28k... Now I'm on an 800mhz with a DSL line... I'm a speed freak. ;-)

                            Hope you get back soon.


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                              Go to the beach, have fun - sometimes forced vacations can make it so you come back more focused and with more energy than ever before.


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