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  • Heres my situation

    Im looking to make a windows to linux switch the pc will be a server and also used for private use.

    What version of linux would be best for this?

    I need to have the following configured on it (how hard will it be for me to do and is their any good installer packs or anything)
    PHP latest version
    MySql latest version
    Apache latest version

    Can i use sendmail as my actualy mail server or do i need a third party email server to manage accounts and domains.

    I have a friend who is said he would help me setup wine on linux so that i could use my windows appz on linux.

    Also on my two other hard drives do i have to convert them to be the linux file format or can they stay in ntfs.

    I am currently on windows 2000 server.

    Also if I do this switch could somebody work with my via aim or something to help me configure it?

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    im not sure if NTFS is supported by linux, and i dont know if linux will be able to convert it. i do know that linux handles files differntly than windows does.
    i can personally not recomend not running windows apps on your linux box, go and do as much on the linux side with out using wine. wine as far as i understand isnt stable enuf to run server type programs.

    IMO stay with windows


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      Wine will not be running server type programs just stuff like photoshop and such. All the server type stuff will be on the linux end. Thats the whole reason for moving to linux.


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        if you wish to run any program that uses directx you will be paying for a distabution of wine that has dx intergrated


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          What all uses directx. I never payed much attention to what uses directx.


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            most often its games screen savers, some other things, im not 100% sure what eles besides games would use dx :\ sorry


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              Usually any program that employs 3D video/audio in the Windows environment...
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