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  • Drama and Politics *sigh*

    Recently the following story happened to me, and as things have cooled down and I've had time to think about this, I think this will be a relatively unbiased version of the story.

    You see, I used to be a moderator of a paintball forum. Though I never played paintball much anymore, I was a frequest visitor of Tech Support, Feedback, and Lounge forums. Previously, I had helped the administrator with their vBulletin on occasions more than once, and he saw fit to make me a moderator of their technical support. I showed potential there and when two of the lounge moderators quit, I was then given the reins to the lounge, and then a few days later, feedback.

    Things were all good and well for awhile and as it was summer I had to do a bit of cleaning to keep spam, useless posts, and fighting to a minimum. As one of my friends who had previously been a lounge moderator and a damn good one until he let the power get to his head, I was what was called a 'good' moderator by the veteran members, and what was called a 'nazi' to the newer members. Apparently, closing threads that were about getting high and wasted on a forum that was made up mainly of 14-15 year old boys was a BAD thing.

    Anyway, there was a 25 year old moderator (there are about 4-5 members above the age of 20 there) who had been staff for a few months, but had joined at the end of the September of '02, and I had joined mid-June '02. He is quite knowledgeable on the subject of paintball, and frequently sells/trades/buys paintball guns. He was a nice addition to the moderator team, but he had just one problem: he was a total jerk. Sure, he would answer people's questions, but he would do so while including "You complete moron, it's supposed to be like ________." or something along those lines. Flaming was never permitted at this forum, but the members found themselves with a moderator doing this to them in almost every single post he's made.

    I found that my beloved lounge was slipping in interesting and fun topics. In the summer of '02, the lounge was simply full of fun, getting along, and just a blast to post in and be a part of. This summer ('03) was full of fighting, name calling, and the same old topics. I was made a mod of the lounge sometime in July of '03, and that's when I started cleaning it up. While I was doing my job, as previously stated, I earned the title of 'Nazi Mod' and few members liked me. Now, before I became a staff member, I was quite a popular guy, and almost everyone liked me. After I became a job and started doing my job well, I became disliked and had only the other moderators and a few members as friends there.

    Once I noticed the lounge was slipping, I considered quitting for quite a few weeks until I finally did it. I wished to leave quietly, and a few days after I requested to be removed via a PM to an admin I was still a mod, and felt the urge to say good-bye, which I can see was a BIG mistake.

    My thread was saying good-bye, and I gave my reason as being bored with the forum, and also that I did not like a majority of the members as they were ungrateful for what I did for the lounge, and didn't appreciate the fact I did my job.

    This spawned a rather long thread in which all but three members declared they didn't want me to go, but I would not let this change my mind. Anyway, my quitting the moderator team and leaving the forum itself caused quite a disturbance (It's not my fault though)

    Shortly after I was demoted, a few of the members (two of the three being former moderators there) decided they were quite sick of how things were being done there, and didn't really care if they were part of the forum any longer, so they posted porn and purposely avoided the swear filter in the Lounge. This I really didn't care about, as it was no longer my responsibility.

    Anyway, the aforementioned 25 year old mod was speaking to one of the soon-to-be members who joined in the fiasco. (The member he spoke to was one of the two former moderators) The 25 year old mod then went on to brag about how he let one of the member's post porn and such and said he could have stopped it but didn't. (bear in mind he doesn't have lounge powers) I then reported this conversation to an admin, and the mod was temporarily removed from power.

    Everyone kept telling me "ooohhh he didn't have lounge powers!" yet they think the administrator of whom I spoke with overlooked that. I highly doubt he did this. Anyway, after this the moderator got his powers back, (stupidest decision they've ever made as he's proved time and time again he can't follow the no flaming rules as well as the fact he's a powerhungry old man) and proceeded to ban my account.
    The owner then claimed I 'set the 25 year old mod up' which is not true, and that he doesn't trust me anymore.(the owner never asked to hear my side of the story, either) All of the moderators except for two then turned on me, and then the 25 year old mod proceeded to make hate threads for my site as well as spread lies about myself.

    Essentially all the members believed said lies that were spread about me (that I could not disprove as I was banned, handy how that works ) and my site recieved numerous trolls from them, and I also recieved instant messages from people bashing me. I also find it amusing as to how nobody ever asked to hear my side of the story. Funny how that is. The 28 year old mod then posted 'his' story at my forum, and since he banned me at the paintball forum, I banned him from my forum. (or maybe vice versa, either way he had no business posting at my forum after the extremely rude things he's said elsewhere about it)

    I don't know why I posted this except to show how people believe anything they want to hear, and how a forum can quickly become filled with drama.

    First Wizard's Rule: People are fools, and will believe anything because they want to believe it, or fear to.


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    I wouldn't worry about it, its only the internet, there is a real world out there.


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      Chill out dude, don't waste your time thinking about it


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        Nah, don't worry about it m8! The internet is a big place and there are a few good places to hang out with and good people to meet.


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          Yes, but you also get lot's of post from people on your forum
          who don't like you telling you it's a good site.


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            (stupidest decision they've ever made as he's proved time and time again he can't follow the no flaming rules as well as the fact he's a powerhungry old man)
            wow you define old as 25, remember you will be 25 before you know it...........


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              Old compared to the rest of us


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                I wouldn't waste a minute worrying about this. You're going to find out that it's sometimes tough and unpopular to do the right thing and stick by your guns but it's a lot easier to sleep at night.


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