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Ever been banned or shunned from a bulletin board?

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  • Ever been banned or shunned from a bulletin board?

    About three years ago, I was driven off another bulletin board. A few years ago, I found a site for those who use personal ad sites on the Internet. The site included a vBulletin-based bulletin board, where I tried to be an active participant. Most of the users were a VERY close-knit core of regulars. I quickly discovered that if I posted a message that was contrary to the beliefs or opinions of another poster, there would be a massive pile-on.

    I just didn't fit in, and the regulars made it perfectly clear. When I tried to defend myself or apologize for the way I worded something, I got beat up more. I started to get flamed for for mundane posts that would have been ignored if they were posted by other people; that fact that it came from me was enough to render the post flameworthy. I remember starting a "chick car" thread that was about as well received as a Klan march through Harlem; on my bulletin board and others where I participate, such threads would be considered fun chatter.

    It got to the point where just about every one of my messages recieved snide remarks in return, even if they agreed with a collective POV on the board. I eventually left in a huff, and the masses celebrated.

    Months later, when I would go back and look at that site, people were still talking about me. It's the equivalent of high schoolers that continue to make fun of the unpopular kid, years after he or she transferred to another school. It's not a pleasant experience.

    I participate on several bulletin boards and mailing lists, and I've never been given that sort of reception. I don't know how it happened, or how I rubbed everybody the wrong way. It happened, though.

    I don't want newbies to experience that on my site. That doesn't mean that everybody has to agree with everybody else, or even like everybody else. I started a thread on my board to see what we can do to ensure that newbies are embraced by the old-timers, and that those otherwise good people who may have a hard time adjusting don't feel the collective wrath of the Cyburbia community.

    Have you ever been banned or booted off a bulletin board, or otherwise driven away? Why? Do you have any tips on helping newbies get accepted by the old timers on your board, and vice versa?
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    It's called The Swarm -


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      nope never banned

      Tell the old ones to help the new ones.
      They'll be more accepted in a shorter time when they get help and make things right
      That's the end of that!


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        I've never been banned, though I did experience the same problems when I posted at back in the day, people would flame me like mad.

        I can list 1 person here who's been banned on 3 different names!


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          I participated in a "riot" in the Majora's Mask forum of and called all the mods of the forum stupid ****ers and got deleted.


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              Originally posted by phill2003
              cool subliminal advertising man only the three links to your board lol
              Like I'm going to link to the board that I was shunned from ...
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                A board I used to run, I ended up banning at least 10 people in one go and sacking 2 admins.


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                  I was banned for telling the truth on an UBB forum once. I went along, registered and then asked the admin of the site in the general chat forum why he thought it was OK to steal the entire contents of my site. He denied it and all his sycophantic, 12 year old members jumped to his defence without having the slightest clue what they were talking about. I was banned, but came back to argue my case. He wouldn't remove the contents, but instead credited me as the author.


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                    I was pissed off at the owner of, it was a heavily modified ikonboard with a stolen/hacked hostname (I own it now, w00t.) It was a good board, people were happy, the owner and I talked, on the phone, and such. Then he got stupid. He allegedly bought vB. He switched over to YaBB, and got really really stupid and started publically bashing other members, before I got pissed off, I wish I saved the post, it was beautiful. I was banned, I didnt care. A year later, I bought the domain and will never let it go. Muahahahah....*cough*..sorry.

                    Yes. It was jsut and fair, because he was picking on someone who couldnt help the situatuon he was in, and it aggrivated me to no end.



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                      I haven't had the pleasure of being banned or shunned yet ... I rarely participate in other forums aside from my own, and when I do I choose ones where I know I can speak my mind without being attacked by some sort of jihad... Usually I don't let it go that far - I just leave without a word and be all the better for it
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                        I have a dedicated welcome team of senior members who personaly welcome new members to teh forums, with there own personal touch. I also have a introductions forum, its the top forum just under the announcements and feedback forums. I ask all new members to welcome them, on avg, about 8 replies are made in each welcome thread. This really helps newbies know they are part of the community.

                        I also run a tight ship, with rather strict guidelines (not rules). Harassment of any type is not tolerated. I have banned some of my most sr members for harassment against others.

                        Lastly, I removed post counts from the postbit template. Its not about post counts at my place, its all about information. I dont have as many posts as some other forums (300K now), but 95% of thoes posts have quality information.


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                          I got banned from a forum because I opened another forum that got popular quickly =/.


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                            I think of all the forums I regularly visit one comes to mind were my opinions might not be as openly received as it would elsewhere, but I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm shunned from the community. I don't really visit that forum too much any more. Only the odd time, to have a quick scan of the conversations going on.

                            From the welcomes and replies at the other forums I requent I'd like to think I get on well with everyone, but who's to say they're not talking about me behind my back


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                              Great feedback so far!

                              As Jakeman said, I got hit by the Swarm on that one site. I should forward that site he posted to everybody -- new and established -- on my board.

                              I already have an "introduce yourself" page that has helped newbies feel more welcome. As Joe said, newbies tend to get 10 greeting messages or so.

                              I think the "older users shold help the newer ones" bit of advice is also worthwhile, and something that I'll be passing on to the regulars.

                              I don't know about getting rid io post counts. It's something of a tradition to celebrate milestones in posting; 500, 1000, 2000 posts, and so on. Maybe I could find a way to make that information available to the public, but a bit less obvious.

                              Have the vBulletin folks thought about making the FAQ page more customizable?
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