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Any rather experienced vB-hackers (for vB3 to be) interested in some challenges?

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  • Any rather experienced vB-hackers (for vB3 to be) interested in some challenges?

    The deal:
    As some of you know, I'm developing KFN 6, the next version of my network of sites. KFN 6 will run off a vB3 forum, using the vB3-engine for the entire site. There will be a plethora of features which are essentially just 'hacks' for vB3 that consist mostly of additional files and, if at all, only minor actual vb-files filehacks.

    As it is, I'm writing virtually all 20~ features myself. However, to speed up the development, I'm contemplating the possibilities of letting a few other people help out with coding the features. This is where you come in. ^_^

    The details:
    The whole deal of KFN 6 is that it's planned and designed to come off as professional as possible. There will be no flaws in the features, no inefficient PHP / MySQL in the files, great userfriendliness and functionality, and an immense flexibility for all the users, so that they can cater everything on the site to their own needs, on a scale previously unseen on sites (or at least, on most of all sites).

    The design plan for each feature will come from me (and is, of course, open for discussion for improvement and additional ideas and what not). You, the coder of a feature or features, would be working on the non-vB files locally, and keeping track of every vb-file filehack / file-adjustment that you make, in a Hacking Tracking Log (non-catchy name, ain't it? ). This log will organize and keep track of:
    - every line of new code you append to a vB file (with surrounding code block stuff, for ease of finding precise locations);
    - which files you've adjusted those lines in;
    - for which feature you've done that;
    - whether it's a Core or Deluxe adjustment*;
    - Which user has what assigned to him/her.

    *: All major features of the KFN 6 will have a Core and Deluxe edition. The Core edition is the main feature, essentially just what the whole thing is about, and little to no fancy extra's. These features will be released on (with full credit to you of course, if you wrote it), unless you specify that you don't want this feature ever released (even then there will be a Core and a Deluxe edition).
    The Deluxe edition is that feature with more fancy user options and possibilities, which will only be used on the KFN site itself, and your own forum if you so desire.
    The point of having a Core (or Basic) and Deluxe edition for each feature is that we plan on keeping the possibility open for us to later release Deluxe edition at a price (if we do so, and it's something you wrote, you will (most likely) get a share in this).

    The downside or so-called 'catch':
    If you are to participate in this, your hack (/feature) will become property of the KuraFire network. You will be fully credited in 1) the copyright section at the bottom of every feature page, and 2) the KFN 6 Credits page. There is no money involved in this right now (or else I couldn't post this here), it's completely about the challenge and the honor, and the privilege of being allowed to use the Deluxe edition on your own site/forum, provided you don't share it to anyone.

    Features listing (so far):
    This list is actually incomplete, because I will be writing a few features myself for they are upgraded versions of features I've already made for vB2.
    - User-customizable 'newsportal' (shows latest stuff of their choice, not just threads or posts but also stuff out of these other features)
    - Portfolio system (for users to upload their work to, think DeviantArt)
    - Yearbook
    - Tutorial System
    - Graphics Tournaments (very advanced and complicated)
    - Graphics Gallery
    - Wallpaper Site (needs to be able to communicate to the Portfolio's so that people can add Wallpapers by putting them into their Portfolio on the site)
    - Reviews System (with extended category support)
    - Shop (for unlocking features for users, like the Portfolio and Yearbook)
    - `In Depth On...` (sortof a biography / interviews system for users)
    - Rotating Sigpic system for users
    - Favorites Overview (overview of user profile fields that ask for their favorite XYZ)

    If you're interested or have any questions about this / the details of all this, lemme know. Feel free to just post it in here, anything that isn't meant to be public knowledge right now will not be said in a PM either, so don't worry about that
    Last edited by Faruk; Mon 25 Aug '03, 7:37am. Reason: added a features list so that people can have an idea of what/how etc.

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    You know I want to, but I am not experienced


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      I would proble help out but i doubt im going to have much free time as Im still scripting alot of stuff for my vb3.


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        Originally posted by eXtremeTim
        I would proble help out but i doubt im going to have much free time as Im still scripting alot of stuff for my vb3.
        Im in the same boat, im doing alot of work for vBt and saintdog ATM and dont have the time to take on more projects.


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          You might find some takers on in their request forum. I know some dandy customizers there for hire.
          Fan Club member for VBulletin Dev and Support Team ;)

          Hysterectomy - - Fabulous Fifty

          I'm frequently asked about the skin designer for my forums.


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            Features listing added on request of Chen/mist.

            And yeah, I'll soon be going to as well, but I wanted to give this forum a try first. This is nearly (or possibly in some cases, entirely) about affiliation with the people that take up the task, hence...


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              Your asking for alot without giving much

              I for one probably couldnt help out too much with large code, but having to give up my copyright to you, without any financial benefits, thats asking alot? (If someone wanted my copyrighted work to become theirs id have to say, unfortunatly that i wouldnt even consider it in most cases regardless of money)

              While i can understand you get a name on the page you code and in the credits page, i dont think thats enough (for my tastes anyway ;p)

              Saying all this, i am extremly intersted in the gallery code, i take it your "code" wont be offered by your wanting ownership.

              Good luck with it all

              <personal opinion * 10> and the other slight problem i have is your attitude towards IE, which doesnt really lend itself to me wanting to code for your site. Id love to be involved if i had the time, and we were able to resolve issues like that </personal opinion>


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                Ah, but you should like, then, that there'll be several styles fully IE/allbrowser compliant, and only one that isn't available in IE or Opera.

                I might not like IE at all, but for the sake of professionalism, KFN 6 will not be filled with the prejudiced stuff against IE that you might've seen from me around here every so often.

                As for the asking a lot for not much in return: yup, this is true. But do keep in mind I'm not expecting people to do more than just one thing, really. And right now, I just can't offer money, seeing as how the site creates no income whatsoever and I'm not particularly loaded either...


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