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  • Rosem

    Hello again everyone. I have been gone for quite a while because I was at staff training at a summer camp. Anyways, on with the point of this thread, which is to warn you all, and to ask for your advice on what I should do.

    I employed rosem ( to make me a logo about 2-3 months ago. He didn't deliver within the agreed on three days, and even when he did, produced some very poor concept designs. It wasn't until about a week or two later that he actually came up with something decent, and it took him about the same amount of time to actually make the changes we wanted him to, although with not very satisfactory results. Throughout this time, he would avoid my emails and IM's, and would break every deadline he set. He would say things like "It will definetly be done by tomorrow morning," but then wouldn't deliver until a week later. When I would ask him about it, I was usually ignored. I finally told him, about 2 weeks before I left for training, to just play around with it and see what he could come up with. He seemed to dissapear after that, and I had to go to and post my experience there before he began to stop ignoring me. When I posted there, (see ), I was suprised to see that many others had had the same experience (see also ). Finally, Rosem said he would have the results to me by the Saturday I was to leave. I said I wanted either another concept or a refund. When I got back three weeks later, neither was in my inbox. I im'ed him several days after I arrived back, and he claimed to have never even known he was supposed to deliver another logo, but had thought we were over (of course if he really thought that he should have sent me a refund, which he didn't). He said he would have a refund or a new concept to me by yesterday, but today is already half over (at least in America, where he and I live), and, as always, he has broken his deadline with no refund. This was sort of a last chance thing, and he understood that, so he should have sent me a refund if he couldn't come up with the modified concept.

    My question being, what action can I take now other than warning others against his unscrupulous business methods? Would I be able to take it to small claims court, or are these transactions to informal to have substantial evidence or clout? I know it's silly to take him to court over the relatively small amount of money I paid, but I'm sure there's enough other used customers of his out there that all together it would make a signifigant case. On the other hand, maybe I'm overreacting..... Please help me out here .

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    This really isn't the place to discuss the merits or worth of a company. If you have a problem with a company, file a complaint with the BBBOnline.
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