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    You have way too many forums. Remove a lot of them and expand later when you get more members and posts. Better to have 1 active forum than 10 with only 3 posts.


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      Forum Colors

      Originally posted by DirectPixel
      It might be nice if the colors wern't as harmful to the human eye as it is right now.

      Bright orange background with blue, white, light gray, and dark gray content colors? You may need to read a bit on color theory first. The colors, as they stand now, will deter anybody from browsing your site for prolonged periods of time.

      What do you think of the colors now?


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        Originally posted by ESAD
        What do you think of the colors now?
        The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.


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          Originally posted by ESAD
          Well I hate to be frank but when the opportunity presents itself who am I not to jump right in the fray?

          Well. . . I'll be polite anyway. . .

          I bought the non-branded optional license.
          Thank You!

          Perhaps a better statement would have been to ask me whether or not I bought it. . .
          he shoots.................he score's wahayyyyyyyyy its abouty time people stopped assuming things round here.......

          good on ya dood but i'd have told them to bugger off and let them report me ....

          Originally posted by N9ne
          Well personally I don't think that's a good basis to pay so much extra money for. The copyright can be styled into your forum's layout easily and it's quite discreet, and sometimes it looks good to have, as a space filler, say in a footer table.

          awww now come on what he spends his money on is entirely up to him, and as he didnt ask your opinion it seems a bit rude for you to have a go about it.....

          oh and to the reason i popped in the thread in the first place....

          your server was to busy when i clicked on ther forum link m8 .......
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            LOL, hindsight is 20/20 my friend.


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              Originally posted by ESAD
              What do you think of the colors now?
              Still a bit on the horribly bad color-matched side.

              If your site's colors are orange and blue, it doesn't necessarily mean that you need to have orange or blue as your site's background. Heck, a better alternative would be to use a white background and integrate the blue and orange through small table colors and other tidbits.

              Just take a look at SitePoint. They have roughly the same colors as you do, but it doesn't look as 'overwhelmingly unique'.


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