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  • Oh my, I think I can finally answer someone else's question!

    Go to AdminCP-VBulletin Options-Who's Online Options

    The google adsense spider identification string is Mediapartners-Google

    The Spider Identification Description is Google AdSense

    Make sure that you have them on the same line number in each text box or they will not match up.

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    • I fear my visitors MIGHT get annoyed by Google ads.

      I dont fully understand the various ways they can be added.

      Do you have to shrink the forum and have em on the side?

      On either side?

      Do you need a special Hack version of the forum to accomodate them well?

      Further - re ads any one got a bright idea how a banner could ALWAYS remain at the top of the browser and not disapear off the top when folks scroll down?

      Can anyone direct me to examples?

      Sorry for being a tech dunce, this thread has been educational - I have key swear words banned although the site it'self has a gag name with the letters 'slutz' in it that could be construed as 'porno' although the content couldnt be farther removed....

      Thanks again...


      • i have done the same and they dont show for me also.


        • Originally posted by HaLeon
          I have praises for adsense.. simple to use, easy to understand and being very straight forward in the whole setup!

          I too earn lots of $3s...
          its looking good so far for me just over a week signed up and already got over $4 and the ads are only on a site thats hardly a busy site.

          some clicks can get you over $1 alone.


          • You have just violated AdSense's TOS and your account can be pulled.


            • what did you do?


              • From the Adsense Term of Use:

                Confidentiality. You agree not to disclose Google Confidential Information without Google's prior written consent. "Google Confidential Information" includes without limitation: (a) all Google software, technology, programming, specifications, materials, guidelines and documentation relating to the Program; (b) click-through rates or other statistics relating to Site performance in the Program provided to You by Google;


                • Hi,
                  We’re implementing Google AdSense into the site, and for the message board portion, the content is not being targeted correctly. For further clarification, when we put the ads into effect, the content on them is unrelated to that of the bulletin board or there is nothing. Google suggests inserting comment tags () to highlight relevant content.
                  So we did this did not work either

                  We are getting nothing on the pay member too.

                  It works great on all other pages of my site.

                  can you please help?


                  Thank you


                  • That's a good idea.



                    • Originally posted by Kelly Baughman View Post
                      That's a good idea.

                      WHAT sounds like a good idea It does not WORK ???


                      • What I noticed before was if you lets say run a general discussion site were the topics are all mixed about anything and everything this happens quite a lot, as google addsence seems unable to pinpoint what your sites main topic is about and zoom in with good related adds.

                        But lets say for example you run a site about cars (even better if it's about a specific car, make, and model to narrow your sites overall topic down even further for addsense). Once you get quite a few topics posted over time on your site, addsence will start to pickup what your sites main topic is all about and post good related adds.

                        Thats what I've noticed, but it can take quite a few posts and good articles etc - with good keywords before Addsense zooms in proper with it's add content displayed for your site. Don't expect to post about 10 threads on a new site and Addsence to be spot on. And if there mixed topics about totally different things. It's worse than 10 threads all about the same subject. IE: Ford, Cars
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                        • Where in the templates can I enter the ad so that it shows up between posts only for guests?

                          I have 3.6.0


                          • Checkout the "HOW TO" guides in the vBulletin version sections, it explains there quite a few way how you can do that in posts.


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