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    If your non-profit, why don't you just

    ask for donations on your site. Have people send you $1,3, or 5 each so they can all enjoy the benefits of an online community?


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      Originally posted by indigochild

      It's easy for commercial webmasters to say to us "just save up your money" but that's a heck of a lot of money to save up for something that's going to be used for non-profit projects (which are run completely out of our own pockets anyway).
      Point 1: We all pay for things that aren't a *necessity*. We want them, they're cool, they make life nicer. But we don't *need* them to exist. Do you own a personal stereo that your friends listen to while they're at your place? And do you have CDs to play on that stereo? How much did all this cost? Did you ever expect that stereo manufacturer or retailer to give you the equipment for much less just because you're a poor student?

      Point 2: The free boards have volunteers who work on the software. The vBulletin staff are exactly that - *staff*. They're paid. They have more incentive, and they work harder to give us a wonderful product. Now, if you were running a company, and you had payroll requirements to meet (not to mention advertising, administrative and other expenses), do you think you'd be in business long if you sold your product for $1? You wouldn't. Being kindhearted is a fine thing, but it doesn't pay the bills, and if Jelsoft started this practice, they wouldn't exist for long. I'd rather pay for the product, and look forward to future, better versions.


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        I may be wrong but it seems that in the current internet advertising situation, most of the sites non-profit.
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          What I still don't get is, so what? Why is you being broke or non-profit Jelsoft's fault/business?

          If that were their business, then does it also mean you OWE Jelsoft a big cut of the money if you ever make it big and/or are bought out for millions of dollars?
          Well, there it is.
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