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I find it unprofessional...

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  • I find it unprofessional...

    I came here from UBB to see if I could find a more professional enviroment.

    All I see is tons of threads ABOUT UBB. It seems like you should be focusing on your own issues and problems and not participate in such childish banter. They pissed you off... so what? Its life.

    Saying, "I pissed them off, then they banned me. What jerks" doesn't do much for your image.

    With so many people traversing your forums over the next couple months, I would suggest making an effort to be more professional. Even UBB doesn't allow bashing of competitor fourms at their place.

    Take the high ground here folks... It will really gain you more points with the people you need... the big name companies.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    John or James have yet to start one thread about Infopop or the UBB. The only threads of this nature are started by users, and even then, they're in the Chit Chat forum.
    Even UBB doesn't allow bashing of competitor fourms at their place.
    The difference is, Infopop doesn't even allow DISCUSSION of competing products.


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      I would agree with you if these forums were called the 'Jelsoft Support Forums' or the 'Jelsoft PR Relations Forums', but they are in fact called the 'vBulletin Community Forums'!

      This a board for existing and future users to get together and discuss.

      In addition, I would wager that these 'tons' of ubb threads you talk about are mainly in the 'Chit Chat' forum. The chit chat forum is for, well.... chit chat I suppose. - British expatriate community


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        if you would dig a little deeper, you would find that when users come here "bragging" about having gone to the SK forums and advertised this product they were asked to quit doing so. That is what is called professionalism.

        There are threads here talking about UBB, there are some bashing not the product, but the company's method of treating its clients. This is the chit-chat forum. That is chit-chat.

        There are other posts about UBB in other forums here, but they are mostly new people asking for comparisons. That's normal. People do come in and say intelligent things like "UBB sucks!!", but if you look at the posts of the officials on this board, they tend to offer comparison without criticism.


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          Well I'm a UBB customer and haven't even purchased vB yet. Nonetheless I'm guilty of starting one of these topics about UBB and Infopop.

          So if there's any unprofessionalism here, it comes from me - a UBB user - and not JelSoft or any vB user. In fact, I've been very impressed by the professionalism and self-restraint of the Admins and Moderators here. And for the most part, I respect the job that navaho and the other Moderators do at Scriptkeeper.

          I do, however, have a strong distaste for the type of censorship I've seen Infopop impose. Nonetheless it does appear that they've become a lot more tolerant lately. Hopefully that's an indication of a new attitude.
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          Mankind is the only creature smart enough to know its own history, and dumb enough to ignore it.


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            well the scriptkeeper forums wouldhave just as manny post of vB, but the kinda people that they are they'd delete them all.


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              I am sorry, but I find your post to be way off!

              I understand what you are saying, but is it not ok for users to start a thread about the UBB here? I don't think that is something we can limit! There have been many people treated badly by Infopop, and I find it hard to believe that you would not see it carried over here to some extent!

              John and James have always taken a very professional approach to all of this, so try not to bring them into any of this. Everyone has their own opinions, and the only difference between Infopop and Jelsoft is that we don't delete everyones opinion, therefor you see them here!
              We're Here Forums!
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                Wow, thank you everyone for responding.

                I did not mean that the posts were made by the creators of this product, and I do certainly think that its okay for vbulletin users to express themselves.

                My point is that of one coming from the outside. Who, before coming here, had no idea what the history was between the users here and UBB.

                From an outsider view, it looks bad. It doesn't look so bad now, now that I understand a little better the situation. Regardless, I don't think anyone would say that first impressions don't count.

                I guess it just didn't strike me well. Thats all I was trying to say.


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                  I really do understand what you are saying, and have to agree that it probably does not look good to the new people coming in! Just not sure what can be done about it since people have opinions.
                  We're Here Forums!
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                    Well I just recently bought Vbulletin, I ran a few freeware ones for a while then decided to buy one.

                    When I went to make a decision on this software I didn't check out what was talked about in the Chit Chat board, I went to see what hacks were being talked about and how helpful the community was in that regard.

                    Here if you need help with a hack someone will reply the same day to your post sometimes within minutes of you posting.

                    I didn't read the chit chat board till I had installed all the hacks I wanted (well almost all some are only in 2.0)

                    I also have been switching everything to php from cgi. So this was a logical choice. There are quite a few free php boards that come close to what Vbulletin has but they all fall short somewhere.


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                      Originally posted by sofia

                      Take the high ground here folks... It will really gain you more points with the people you need... the big name companies.
                      LOL this made me laugh

             - they use to have a UBB, but changed over to vBulletin a few months back.

                      Now... is this a big forum?
                      169119 threads in total | 1627717 posts in total


                      It cost them $165 for the license... by UBB pricing now - that would be... $4000

                      And as I have said before, I have a license for UBB, UB2K, vBulletin and I have been beta testing UBB6 since December

                      I love my vB - so friendly and fast.



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