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    Hi everybody

    I got this itching feeling this morning, and that means beta 5 might be released today.

    Ofcourse, I could be right, and I could be wrong.

    If it gets released, what do you hope that it will include, besides the bug fixes and improved phrases and fixed up typing errors and/or uncached templates being cached ?

    I am hoping that we could get a 'glimps' of the new style, at least as a teaser on the web site or if this isn't possible, then the templates being ready, so everybody can start working on their style for translation to their language. And otherwise some tweaks to the templates to remove some cluthering or replace some unclear buttons like the ones in the navigation with a bit more obvious icons or text. Yea, yeah, I know. This can be done with a little template modification, but as the final version gets closer, rolling into a bit more workable vbulletin won't hurt anybody. More and more people start to download and install it.

    Do you think we can expect more new features ? Like the improved admin control panel for beta 4 ? If I am correct, the wysiwyg editor will work with Mozilla, which will be great; what else do we want ?

    Share your thoughts and ideas and sell me your soul. And, if it turns out not to be released today, when do you think it will happen ? Friday, next week ?

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    I'm still waiting for the home-delivered pizza feature. But knowing Jelsoft, that'll never happen


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      Why do you think it's being released today?
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        The itching feeling!
        "63,000 bugs in the code, 63,000 bugs, you get 1 whacked with a service pack, now there's 63,005 bugs in the code."
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          Originally posted by Erwin
          Why do you think it's being released today?
          I have a feeling, something "leaked out", like last time with Beta 4, and Beta 5 is now expected. I don't think they'd release a beta without notification beforehand though. When they give you the set time, more people get online, and wait. And I'm sure, even some people buy/renew a license.


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            Originally posted by xiphoid
            I got this itching feeling this morning, and that means beta 5 might be released today.
            I suggest a cream instead because I don't get itchy from software releases.
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              LOL I just got buld 4 to work last night. I have been working on an email problem with Steve Machol, Freddie, and Ed Sullivan. Ed finaly had the solution that worked for me. But I think that the root of my problems all stem from the fact that I am on a Mac OSX Server and not a PC. Ed says they will be putting the fix in beta 5, which is a good thing because I really don't want to go through all that again.


              So I would say this is what I want to see in build 5.

              Truely, I already have what I need with the inclusion of Pay Pal Subscriptions.



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                Hopefully more bug fixes and more new features. As xiphoid said, hopefully we'll get a glimpse of the new style too.


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                  When most people get an itchy feeling they either use Calamine lotion or see their doctor.
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                    You know us Jelsoft fans... we'd follow you around the world if you were a touring rock band. So, no, we're not like most "people"


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                      I hope it includes a mode wich shows parsetime and queries without having to hack it
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                        Well, if you look at it, VB3 was released on a Friday 4 weeks ago. Then two weeks ago Beta 4 was released. So with how it has been going, ever other week there has been a new beta.


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                          b4 was 3 weeks ago

                          but, i don't mind if b5 will be out next week
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                            The way those devs have been fixing bugs as of late, I wouldn't be surprised if it were released very shortly too.

                            Ya doing a grand job guys


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                              i don't care when it comes out but I got that same itch guys.... I am happy with what i got right now because it works and is running nice and smoothly for me

                              /me tries to stop the itching


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