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  • vb 3 "Currently Active Users"

    Is it just me or does it keep going mad for other people also? its listed in the bugs list but theres been no feed back from the vb team.

    but basicy from time to time it will just go mad and go from like 20+ people on to like 3 to like 15 to like 5 and yeah you get the idea, even if 20+ people are defo online it will just show like 5 of them and then after a reload like 15 then reload a other number, its defo not working because theres no way 15+ users log off all in the same min and then back on a min later.

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    What is the bugtracker # ?


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      Im not sure someone else posted it reporting the same prob i have and i just replyed to it.


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          i run a clean install of vb3 beta 4 so its defo not to do with any uupdate from the last beta for me.


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            Firstly, the issue you posted does not appear to be the same as the bug report. You need to start your own bug report.

            Secondly, I don't see how this could happen unless you have changed your cookie timeout to something rather small.


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              the only think i have edited was the cookie domain but like i say it only does it now and again and always around the same time of night by the looks of it. I see how it goes over the next few nights and if it keeps up i report as a new bug.