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anyone here workout?

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    Chris, I wouldn't make any assumptions about morals. I have come across some (within church and my Bible study even) with really skewed ideas of morality. What's it like being home schooled?


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      What I meant is that, if I marry someone, their religious beliefs will obviously have to be similar to mine - morals are part of my beliefs...

      Being homeschooled is great - having experienced both sides of things, I can see the appeal in both. I do have a friend in public school - his name is Adam, and he's the one person I would consider a good friend of mine - a really good friend, that is. Ironically, I met him my one year in public school.

      I think I'd have fun if I were to go to public school now, but here at home I get to spend extra time reading, writing, and learning about computers. In public school, you're lucky if they have you read, what, 2-3 books all year?

      Thanks to my parents throwing books at me early on, I was reading books like "Up From Slavery" by Booker T. Washington at around 11 or so, and my sister Grace (she's amazing) read "The Hobbitt" at 8! The emphasis on reading has helped to make myself and the other children (there are a LOT of us) with a certain eloquence.

      Actually, my parents are divorced, so I couldn't really go to a public school, even if I wanted to - they live 40 miles away and I spend three days a week at one house, and four at the other.

      Alright, I'm blathering now. Basic summary is that I love homeschooling. In some ways, it's more like real life, where results matter more than anything - in some schools, you have that "Well, you missed 99 out of 100 questions, but I know you tried real hard" junk - not common, but it's always there.

      Oh, and no, I do not have any social anxieties - not even close.
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        Doesn't sound like you have social anxieties! Actually if anyone should have social anxieties it should be those in public school. But then I went ot school in an area with a lot of gangs.

        Who teaches you, your parents, tutors, or someone else? Spending every day with my mother would drive any sane person nuts (except my dad). One thing I worry about when it comes to home schooling is potential gaps in education. While I could teach math, history, economics, reading, and some science I would not be able to cover art, English, or chemestry. However, I guess you would probably use your time more efficiently. Until college, I never studied, never paid attention, and got straight A's. I would have been better off having a course guideline and let me do it myself, except that I procrastinate.


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          I would have been better off having a course guideline and let me do it myself, except that I procrastinate.
          That's EXACTLY like me... except it's actually happening.

          I went to public school all my life (I'm a HS Junior), until November 2000. For a year before that I had been getting REALLY frustrated with school. It wasn't hard; I just hated it. At first we thought it was this one teacher, but the next year I had a teacher that I had a few years back and loved... Didn't help. So I just left school and I'm doing homeschooling for the rest of the year. Then next year I'm doing a joint credit type thing in college (Penn State) -- it counts as both my senior year of HS and freshman year of college. But that's a different story.

          But back to what I meant to say...
          I have a course guideline and a book (or 2) for each course. Using the guideline and books I just go through and submit lessons to the homeschooling place -- no real involvement with my parents; it's all on my own.

          The only problem being that I procrastinate ... A LOT. I literally haven't done anywork since the last week in December. It's going be hard to get back into the groove too.

          I think it's suffice to say that I've come to the conclusion that it wasn't public school that I hated. It's just school.


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            Mike, that sounds just like me - just like I was in school. I know I'm smart, my parents thought I was smart, they ended up taking me out of public school and put me into a private Catholic School for 6,7,8 grade - I went back to Public High School. I was diagnosed with ADD in my Freshman year of HS, got put on Ritalin, and went from almost failing out to the Honor Roll. It was amazing .

            I still take medication for ADD, though it's not Ritalin. It helps in everything I do, from driving, to programming, to just getting sht done.



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              I don't have an attention problem. I can be very focused, sometimes too focused (I'll forget to eat). I have found that I do my best work under pressure. I also do good when I have multiple things going on (as long as it isn't talking, then I get nothing done).
              Mike, I agree about hating school. Once I finished my bachelors I told the department chair that it would almost take a commandment from God to get me back in that place. Part of me can not believe that I am even considering a masters (not at that school).


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                Yes, nadine, I do lack in some areas - this can be both good and bad. I'm not learning as much about science and geography as I should be, but I'm learning a lot about management, computers, and the workplace.

                No one parent teaches me solely - I do a lot of the work myself, and simply have books. At one house, my mom gives me history books, sits down and does some math with me, and is handling some literature and art - some art history text book and "Pilgrim's Progress" for now.

                At this house, I do a lot of reading, writing, office work and computer work. My parents at this house have said they want me to do math and other such things just to fulfill the basic requirements, and that they don't mind me focusing on computers - which I've done zealously, taking in a lot of big books.

                It's a simple choice: I might get some sort of degree, but when I walk into a job interview at 22 (I'll likely have had several jobs by then, though), I'll take with me a small business of my own, several years of job experience, and roughly EIGHT YEARS of experience with web work - I've got to believe some people will overlook a degree in that scenario!
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                  Oh, and for the record, I think TONS of kids are on things like Ritalin when they don't need to be. Some people truly need it (I had a friend back when I was about 10 who obviously needed it), but overally instead of kids being goofy and immature, they now apparently are mentally unhealthy!

                  If you ask me, they're just boys - that's why. Some need it, but I think Ritalin is prescribed many times more than it needs to be.
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                    I agree that drugs like that (and others) are used way too much. I am not saying that there is never a case where they are needed, but not as often as they are. Also, I think it goes a bit beyond boys being boys. It has to do with our society and culture. With tv/movies/video games/etc everything is, for lack of a better term, fast. There is too much that is new. I think this greatly contributes to attention dificulties.


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                      I think the biggest problem for public schools is that it is not geared for the students that are way above normal intelligence.

                      I am just gonna take a guess, but I think that would describe most of the regs on this forum and others like it. Most of us do not make any real money from our sites, but we do it because we enjoy the subject and the ultimate challenge of how high you can get that page view number and unique number. This is like chess, just multiplied. You have to play your pieces right, figure out what people want, and then implement your ideas and see if they work - if they do not then go back and try something else.

                      I was a straight D student in HS - problem is that in my computer classes I knew more than the teachers teaching the dang thing - and I would still get a D in the class. I only cared to do enough to do enought to get that almight D and keep my Sports Eligibility.

                      My parents hated my grades, my school hated my grades - here they were with a student that scored 1200 on the SAT and he was one of the worse students academically they had. If school does not challenge or stimulate you than it will just bore you to sleep.

                      Oh - the 1200, the only time I took the SAT was when I was in eight grade.


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                        You're right: the speed of the class is determined, usually, by it's dumber students - this is not a put down of less intelligent people...I'm not criticizing them, I'm criticizing the system.

                        In 5th grade, I made the honor role all 4 "quarters" of the year, and I only studied for one test the whole time, and even then it wasn't for very long - the honor roll class and such were okay and all, but they weren't great.
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                          Originally posted by TWTCommish
                          I'm glad to be homeschooled.
                          Homeschooling rules


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                            Hey, any homeschoolers here feel free to email me. I love chatting about things like that.
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                              Originally posted by JimF
                              Do you know how hard it is to meet a girl when you say "I feel it's the personality and mind that matters, not the body" - they all assume you're ugly! I'm waiting to meet that special someone, preferably a LinuxChick - there's something about a girl that can work a shell prompt that is a HUGE turn on for me. That and the ability to drive a 5-speed transmission .

                              Ahh, dreams...

                              LinuxChicks Rock!


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                                I'm always guarenteed a laugh in the chit chat forum. It starts out as working out - then to flirting now to homeschooling.

                                Well I'm in the UK, A Self Confessed NetAddict and I hated School. I officialy left in June 2000 only to go to College in the September which now I really hate

                                I wan't to drop out but there is f**k all else for me to do, so I might as well stick it out

                                if you're interested, im doing Computing and IT
                                Computing is hardware/programming and IT is software based such as "This is excel..."

                                The computing is crap too....I mean, where programming is Pascal! You know you've hit an all time low when your using something as old and crappy as that.

                                The text books are SO out-of-date and all the teachers BUM Microsoft - Its good though as you can argue with them and point out every reason why Linux is better which really pisses them off


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