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Can I some opinions on "ripping?"

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  • Can I some opinions on "ripping?"

    What exactly do you consider a rip? If you are designing a page with the attempt to have the same look and feel of another big website (I'm talking yahoo or amazon big) is that considered a rip? I mean, all the image and code are done by you,with the entire purpose of it having the same look and feel of another. Is that bad design etiquette,so to speak,or no more than harmless theming?
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    sorry about the typo,obviously I meant can I have some opinions


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      Well, it depends on how close you come to the original design..
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        SitePoint had an excellent article entitled "Good Designers Copy, Great Designers Steal" and it provides interesting insights on how to properly pattern a site so as not to categorize it as a rip ...

        Here's the link:

        However, Sitepoint seems to be down (except for the forums), so I'll suggest you check that link later...
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          hmm most folk i know follow the rule that inspiartion is ok, but actually building anything that can be accused as a direct rip of a style or idea of another site is abit off.

          i think tho its ok when ur inspired, but when ur designing dont just refer back to the site ur inspiration is coming from throw in your own ideas, switch stuff about, mix it up a little and dont go for a similar title or name.

          as for actual rippers and using other folks images! thats just violation of personal copyrights and people doing that need a bloody punch in the neck!!


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            I agree with Colicab.

            inspiration is okay, but ripping isn't.


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