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    Good points, but I would recommend against banning free email addresses.

    His forum is catered towards teens. Few teens have their own email domains, or something that's not at hotmail or yahoo.


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      I can't really agree with most of these suggestions. If you allow them to change your forum to a more restricted one, you let them win.
      If you have people disturbing your forum, deal with them. But do that in a way that your other members won't notice or where the impact on them won't be that big. Why scare off people who really want to be a part of your community just because of some lame a**h****?

      We also had a bunch of people who kept violating our TOS and after we finally decided to ban them, they registered again. We banned them, they registered again. We finally banned their IP range to get rid of them. Yes, this had an impact on a good bunch of other users who weren't able to come back and I am sad that they can't because of this. But this was better than doing more drastic things which would have an effect on ALL of our members (new user moderation, ban free addresses, limited priviledges etc.).

      Again: Yes, deal with them. But not by all means, don't hurt the majority of users who really want to participate. If you have to hurt "innocent" people, make a decision whether it's worth it or not.


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        I banned the three IP's of people who have or will cause trouble, and we have made a temporary super mod for a few weeks in order to keep more order and to ban if he sees fit.

        Thanks for the replies!


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          Originally posted by Icheb
          I can't really agree with most of these suggestions. If you allow them to change your forum to a more restricted one, you let them win.
          Just wanted to emphasize that my suggestions were not supposed to be taken as a group. Each suggestion has it's positives and negatives associated with it. My site had a similar problem and I implemented the moderate new users but that was mostly for the porn spambot and one very tricky individual. I've also limited accounts to one per email address.

          All of the suggestions have their place on some boards (which I thank VB for having them available) and you have to weigh the positives and negatives of your own board to determine whether they will be of use. Just as an example of banning IPs, you really can't do that with AOL because so many users will have the same IP address. In fact, I have one AOL IP that has had 305 different users. It would hurt my site if I banned that single IP let alone a whole range of IPs.

          Every board is different and you have to find out what works best for your site.


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