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Ever reported someone to their ISP? Or to the police?

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    Originally posted by irc
    If the IP address specifies a particular computer on a particular college campus, it is possible to track down the exact user.

    Also, I would guess that ISP keep some kind of record of who has what IP at what time.

    The cops in question were from NYC. The sliver lining in their lack of understanding is that there is a special unit in NYC to deal with computer related crime. They referred my report to them.
    Ah, ic, yes i guess if it was a college then it might be much simpler to track them, umm, an college with an IP for every PC, intresting, our local college runs NAT, so its immpossible to tell what machine is doing what.

    I think ISP's do keep IP+TIME=USER logs, you can only get them via a court order tho, police shouldnt have access, actually i think some **** bill passed here in the UK does give the police unrestricted access to such information, but im not sure.


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      Originally posted by Nemon
      ...our local college runs NAT, so its immpossible to tell what machine is doing what....
      I bet they've got everything logged you do, so they could just check their own logs...


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        We had a problem with a certain user, on BT, even though ourselves, and at least one of our customers contacted BT about it, the sad truth is we just got a standard response, and the guy is still causing us trouble.

        Unfortunately it looks like being a more serious matter right now :\

        ISP's don't seem to do anything, unless they are in danger of losing their customers/jobs, etc, or get bad PR for it

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          Some guy tried to hack me, Norton Personal Firewall caught it, it traced its ip, gave me the isp name, address of the isp, name of the isp etc. Contacted their isp with all proof, and it was taken care of.


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            i goten someone kick off of his isp for about 10 mins. He took over a christian irc chatroom, i sent an email and they dicsonnect his connection so that they can call him and that is how i got the irc chatroom back. This was before broadband came around.


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