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  • Unique ways to keep members visiting?

    Me and the owner of are trying to think of unique ways to keep members coming back since the first 10,000 posts are the hardest..

    Right now i have articles and stuff linking to my websites to gain interest in members.

    What we thought of after we get alot of posts:
    Custom skin made by a design:
    HiveMail / PhotoPost / Ect

    So far that is it, but what are some unique things we can do now? Free or cheap things of course. Also, what can we do with the front page? VBHome Lite isn't that great and VBPortal is not made for 2.3.0 (Already tried)

    BTW, This is a tech forum, so any ideas for that.
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    For the front page, create your own. Creat templates for each section of the front page with HTML, then a main template to pull them all together, then an index.php page to call the templates.

    It's what I do on my site, simply because I wanted something I could update with vB without relying on the generic vB homepage look.

    As for getting users, the best way to get them to stay is to have a forum that's worth participating in! (not to say your's isn't, cos I haven't been)


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      Well we have moving content, of which users can contribute in real time. and on the front page we have a Funny "Lone Pink Sock Quote" that Me or the other admin updates daily. we're currently working on more stuff for the site, but i don't want to hack too far into vb (the site is run from it) until vb3 is released.


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        Tech forums are a dime a dozen (I should know, I have one too) ... offer something that's unique, not just bells and whistles... a no-holds barred opinion section or maybe a weekly contest of sorts, if you have the moola, will keep em coming ... hell, you can even put up a babe of the week if you like...
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          Kidnap their children/pet/favourite toy/partner and blackmail them ?

          On second thoughts don't !
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            Originally posted by Jerry
            Kidnap their children/pet/favourite toy/partner and blackmail them ?

            On second thoughts don't !
            Why not? It worked for me. The only downside is all the extra mouths I have to feed.
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              You need unique content.


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                Jake's right; content and helpful members make or break a forum. It doesn't matter how many arcade games you have, how cool the site looks, if you can check webmail (which, BTW, HiveMail is not the only solution), etc.; if the community is loose, then it won't stay alive.
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                  Original, or high quality frequent content is the absolute best thing you can offer your visitors to keep them there.

                  No point in contests if your site is non-profit making.

                  I also have a tech forum - they are a dime a dozen. Give your site a personality be it through your review style, or just the fact that your help is that damn good, and it will go a long way.


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                    The owner is running contests, worked pretty well to gain some members.

                    It's a logo contests and we needed a logo anyways
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                      With all the relevant "content" being monopolized by bigger tech sites, it would be prudent to come up with unique content, as Jake said, that you won't find anywhere else ... just posting some other tech site's news is not enough, current events is not enough (they can easily read that in other tech sites anyway) ... you need community-based content, since it IS named "tech chat" ... open new topics about what members think of a particular product, technology or service. Have tech debates going. Encourage your members to post anecdotes and experiences with technology.

                      Since the whole site is centered on the forums, the only content that will be relevant are how-to guides, reviews and weekly articles ... if you snag a member who's a really good writer to write regular columns for you, you're in business...
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                        Thanks, i might open a tech article / news / reviews forum

                        Just made this:
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                          photopost is HUUGE on my site
                          big bandwith sucker mind you..

                          also odd enough, my members love the arcade.
                          I read about members on other msg boards who come only to play.. lol
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                            What is this arcade i keep hearing about?
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                              Keep the forums fresh, too. Keep the date lasted posted always updated. Register about 5 or 6 different usernames and talk to yourself. Thats what I had to do when my forum first we are edging up to 5000 members and half a million posts. Good luck.

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