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HELP!! Is there a way to see.....

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  • HELP!! Is there a way to see.....

    Is there a place where I would be able to view at a glance which members have access to private boards?

    Is there a page that has the list of all user names of who is able to access and post within that forum (if masks are turned on)? I hope this is making sense... I dont want to have to go through each individual member and check thier masks to see if they permission or not.

    Some how, quite a few members have been given access to certain forums that I didn't give them access to and I need to make sure that there aren't members in areas they shouldn't be in..



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    Please don't double-post:
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      sorry.. Didn't realize there were rules to how many posts I could do!

      I apologize.. I just needed an answer ASAP and saw that no one was answering posts in the other area! I won't do that again!