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  • Anybody want to help?

    Hey guys,

    I'm starting up a web site for PC-related and hardware reviews and previews mainly. We'll probably have downloads and stuff for specific games like Half-Life 2, UT2K3 and UT2K4, maybe Doom 3, and possibly some other games.

    I'm in need of some staff though to help me out. I've got one guy who will be doing hardware previews, but I was looking for somebody to do reviews of hardware/software.

    Don't have a site fully functional yet, since we're in the process of getting a new layout ( ). But if you'd be interested in previewing/reviewing software/hardware and then writing up reviews that'd be cool. Also, if we get big and start to get free hardware/software, our reviewers and previewers would be among the first on the staff to get them, meaning that the site would grow and you'd get some cool stuff.

    If you're interested, leave a reply here or e-mail me at [email protected]

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    So, before you might get companies to snail mail you hardware/software/games/stuff .. we have to get it ourself and review it and put it up on your site ? Or do you provide the stuff for review/previewing ?


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      Probably a bit different, more geared towards gamers; and while that may not mean that all of the software is going to be gaming, a lot of the hardware (p)reviews would be geared towards the average gamer.

      And yeah, that's the plan for now, getting your own stuff. Unfortunately it's all we can do until we get some sponsers.


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        HappyPuppy still exists?

        I used to go there for old dos game cheats!


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          Originally posted by merk
          HappyPuppy still exists?

          I used to go there for old dos game cheats!
          The good old days when 48K wasn't an empty MS word doc
          I wrote ImpEx.

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            Oh my god, I remember that... that site is so old. After a while I stopped visiting it cause it didn't update enough and went to GamesDomains or something like that. Memories...
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              Can you please stay on topic? I need staff, not a place to talk about random hardware sites that still exist.



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                Listen, a hardware site is not your thing if all you are doing it for is the free hardware, most of the time they ask you to mail them back, etc.

                I run a tech website and it has been a year of running and still has gone nowhere, i am relaunching it with more content and new everything to see if that helps, but there are so many out there already and they are growing my the hundreds every year.

                If you don't do it for the love and do it it for the sport instead you are going to go nowhere. I hope you don't think my comments are rude, but rather here to help you or anyone else planning to run a tech site

                Either way goodluck and godspeed.
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                  Since it is unclear what will be the return. I am not willing to spend hundreds of dollars into software and hardware to be the first to make a (p)review for just 25 lines of text which gets read by 100+ hits.

                  I don't think you have thought it through much yet.
                  Good luck with your search for a candiate.

                  I'd love to make reviews and previews, but having some deals with some companies help.