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Inactive members-what to do with them?

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  • bromyaur
    I used to delete them, a long time ago..quit doing it months ago...I had a new member sign up the other day and I recognized his name but couldnt figure out where and in his profile he has stated "been here before, thought I was already registered"

    oh well he made 3 posts and probably wont be back for a year lol

    I am going to add a statement on the registration page that says something like "please be aware that we periodically remove inactive accounts, so if you are going to register and dont plan on posting your account may be deleted sometime in the future"

    I dont intend of deleting accounts though, just maybe the threat of it will get them posting lol.

    I get a lot of members who register solely for the abiltiy to read some tutorials or see some images in my art gallery. I perodically change the permissions on the tutorials forum and art gallery, sometimes I allow guests to view them sometimes not....give them a bit of a tease everyonce and a while...and I like to open them up so google can spider them too.

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  • kilcher
    I had been holding onto them but just recently I decided to delete all members that had registered over 1 year ago and had 0 posts. I also deleted all threads that hadn't had a reply in a year. I will probably do this each month.

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  • Joe Page
    Send them an e-mail, which politely tells the member that his/her account will be deleted if they are not active within a set number of days.

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  • indiamike
    started a topic Inactive members-what to do with them?

    Inactive members-what to do with them?

    I am looking for some input from other vbulletin owners on how you handle inactive members or zero posters.

    My site, like many others sites out there has way to many people who lurk in the shadows and some that haven't visited in quite awhile.

    I am curious as to what other site owners do.

    Do you delete inactive members after a long time?
    Do you set a quota system that you must post this many threads in a set time period?
    Do you send emails asking them to contribute or their membership will be gone?
    Do you just let your member count go up even though there is only a handful who actually post?

    Any feedback from others on how they handle this would be appreciated.

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