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    I use Ultra Edit, by far, my favorite editor.


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      Originally posted by mdx381
      I use Ultra Edit, by far, my favorite editor.
      Ive been hearing that alot, I might have to try it out..


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        Originally posted by DWZ
        I use EditPlus. Has nice little features such as syntax highlighting etc.

        Also allows you to open files off your FTP then when you hit "save" its automatically re-uploaded to your site (good when you keep needing to change small stuff)
        I used EditPlus until it craped out on me. I have to re-install it on every system restart, which makes it hard to use I am using DreamWeaver MX now, until I find something better cuz it sucks.


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          Ultraedit - couldn't program with out it


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              I used to use UltraEdit and it always failed me miserably in performance. About three years ago, I switched to Textpad and haven't looked back. It may not have FTP, but it does things that are only a faint dream to Ultrapad users.

              For example, if I see a standard PHP function that I don't recognize, I can highlight the word and get help from the PHP documentation right from the help menu. I can set up help for HTML, ASP, .NET, MySQL, or any other language I want as well. It has color syntaxing for every computer language known to mankind. It can compile my C++ applications and put any errors in a window so I can double click them and go right to the error. You can add any command you want whether it is made of of Textpad macros, external programs or programs on a website somewhere. It does Regular Expressions in searching which are very handy. Store unlimited templates for things like HTML, PHP Functions, Regular Expressions, Javascript, etc... There is a lot more that it can do as well.

              On Linux, I use Pico... Not much to it but it gets the job done. I don't use Macs so I don't anything about their software.
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                Originally posted by Wayne Luke
                It may not have FTP, but it does things that are only a faint dream to Ultrapad users.
                I used textpad some times there is a very basic ftp script that you can add to user tools.


                Not quite ideal but save me a few seconds at times.
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                  I <3 Vim!


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