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Anyone here have/use a PayPal ATM/Debit Card

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    Originally posted by tubedogg
    If "conventional wisdom" is to steer clear of everything that anyone has ever complained about, none of us would be able to use anything.

    Some people have had problems with PayPal. Many millions of others haven't, including myself and everyone I know. If the company were that truly horrible, no one would be using it. I have been using it for 2 years now, have moved probably close to $40,000 through it with absolutely no problems.

    The fact is, the company has no fast method of contact and no grievance procedure. If your account is locked due to a malicious complaint, it WILL be locked for 30-60 days. This is information from Paypal employees.

    I realize everything can be complained about. But this is different. Someone using Paypal to accept money into their primary checking account is seriously rolling the dice.


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      There are phone numbers for PayPal, you can take them through arbitration to get your money back if you feel their decision is wrong.

      Most banks take 30 to 60 takes to investigate an incident of fraud. They are not unique in that respect.


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        I would agree. While I have had problems with services like paypal, I have not had them with Paypal itself. They do have reliable contact information (whereas the one company I'm having trouble with doesn't).

        Also there's no inherant risk in taking money from paypal into your account, so I fail to see how this is a roll of the proverbial dice. Even if you have some problem with Paypal, why would that prevent you from contacting your bank and saying "Hey, this people just screwed me outa my money. Help me out when I take them to court". Banks will not be entirely pleased should Paypal be illegally withdrawing funds out of your bank account. And going in the opposite direction, should paypal not deposit enough or any of your money into your bank account by request, your bank would really have no reason to go along with paypal over their customer... the bank benefits from you getting your money just as much as you do.


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          I have two. Never had any problems.


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            are there any fees associated with applying for or using the paypal debit card?

            if so, I'm definitely interested in applying for it


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              okay - sorry, I should've just went on straight to PayPal's FAQ...

              so answered my own question - yes, there is a $1.00 fee for use with ATMs plus any fee that the bank might charge for use of their ATM. And there are no fees for applying for one...

              thanks guys


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                Have both. Paypal Visa, and Paypal debit. Just like any other bank card


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                  I also have gotten one and use it for the past of couple of weeks with no problems. It is kinda of nice paying ebay fees with it. It is like free money when you use it as a mastercard. I think it is kind of funny ebay paying me money to use there own card to pay them.


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                    Their UA says that there is a $1.00 fee for using it at an ATM but I have *never* gotten charged a fee for doing so (from PayPal - the bank that owns the ATM *will* charge you their fee).


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                      Originally posted by tubedogg
                      Their UA says that there is a $1.00 fee for using it at an ATM but I have *never* gotten charged a fee for doing so (from PayPal - the bank that owns the ATM *will* charge you their fee).
                      hrm... really? then even better!

                      Anyways, I applied for it yesterday and got approved for this today. 1-2 weeks before it gets here.



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                        Hi feldon23,

                        The likelihood of having your account getting placed on limited status is actually quite small. You can compare the number of complaints you see on this subject versus the actual user base of PayPal (in the many millions).

                        Account restrictions do happen for wide variety of reasons, but they are generally resolved within several business days. Account restrictions do require documentation requests, so the case really couldn't be completed until all information was actually received by our appeals team. You can find a pretty comprehensive list about why accounts get placed on limited access in our User Agreement.


                        Please keep in mind that all of the facts are not present when someone states that their account got restricted for "No reason." I've had people restricted for pyramid schemes and multiple complaints against their account by their buyers state that there was not a legitimate reason for the restriction.


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                          Could be some people beleive their accounts are put on limited access when they fall for an official looking email supposedly from paypal stating such and saying to resubmit our financial information through a reply email to reinstate your account... I've gotten 3 of those damn scam letters in the last two weeks.


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                            Whoever said Damon wasn't part of PayPal was a great understatement.

                            Mackenzie, I get those stupid chain letters daily. All I do is forward them to [email protected] and let them take care of it.
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                              I forwards the first two I beleive. I deleted the other, and one I just got two minutes ago. Between incidentals that get past my spam-filter and the mass-deletes I do from my bulk-mail folder, I delete close to 200 messages a day from all three of my email boxes :$


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