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    I've been designing websites for over 6-7 years. Won tons of awards, done a lot of commercial and private work.

    Anyways, for the last year, I've been thinking of starting my own web business. The problem was, I couldn't think of a good domain name for the company.

    So yesterday, while thinking of a name, I came up with We specialize in web design (html, cgi, php, dhtml, and java), company logo's, graphic design and more!

    Does "" sound like a good name? I've also purchased 10 other domain names yesterday, various ones. One is called, sound any good?

    Anyways, hit me up with your imput on the names.

    Thanks, and regards,

    Fred Salari

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    Bringing up this thread


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      re: name

      I think that "" is a little bit problematic, actually. It is easy to forget, or to confuse with variations like "", "", etc...

      I think "" is better but still a little tricky. People might mismember it as '' or '' or ''.

      I think you'd be better served considering a name that was completely random, but therefore striking and easier to remember, than one that sounds like a derivative of lots of other names.

      After the basic domain names got snatched up (between 1994-1998), people had to start getting more inventive. Names like "" and "" are examples of some of these odd but striking names.

      Another rule of thumb- the shorter the name the better! That of course makes it all the harder, since the shorter names are more likely to be taken than longer ones.

      If you are an award-winning designer, you might also be well served using your name in the name of your company.

      That is just my opinion, though!


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        Any idea's for a name?


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          You should atleast use a .com domain.


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            .com's are impossible to find. Even if you get a company name that ISN'T registered. The domain name you want for it would probably be taken by some little kid that doesn't use the domain name.

            So I'm using a .net or a .tv addy.


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              I had a old BBS 10 years ago called "EyeScream"., i so wish i would have picked up that domain name ( when i first got on the internet! I think thats one of the most creative names on the net.


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                haha.. What would it have been about? Graphics?

                But anyways, I'm going to stick with I'll buy some other domain names, but myInternetCompany will be the real company name.


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