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  • Spammer username/e-mail/IP listing:

    Thought it might be good to keep this thread to only "questionable" users, so we can all cross check and post our own new registered users.

    Usernames - e-mail addresses
    georgesltd56 - [email protected]
    billy_mad25 - [email protected]
    bof19_br0 - [email protected]
    yummy-juice_25 - [email protected]
    duem_18 - [email protected]
    ginaguy18p0r - [email protected]
    jimyoung19a1 - [email protected]
    fred15121345 - [email protected]
    andrew_p21 - [email protected]
    henryguy79 - [email protected]
    celebguy_dv - [email protected]
    gymifty9 - [email protected]
    jimkel19 - [email protected]
    hotgin20 - [email protected]
    kelproit62 - [email protected]
    skumar - [email protected]


    Post those you are suspicious of, and by comparison we'll be able to determine if they are legit or not.
    Thanks and HTH,

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    If you are hit by someone with that username, or that email, or the known IP's.

    You are best of to collect their abuse before you prune their posts.

    Gather a copy by downloading the .html file to a directory on your hard drive, make a .txt file with the username/ email and other profile details.

    Find out the abuse departments for the involved hosts: The email they used, their used IP address, their spammed URLs and make 1 email with your complaints, your reference to your attached .zip file with the abuse logs (who have date and time stamps) and what you wish to be done about it and also make sure you mention that they are breaking their services terms of agreement. Because I am pretty sure they are not allowed to use those services to spam. It might be a nice idea to also refer to these threads to show that this is not a one time incident and that you seriously require something to be done about it. ALSO, write this all in your own words ofcourse. If you had any contact with an abuse department that awnsered your email besides the auto reply, maybe post it here, so we know which E-mail address to use.

    The more complaints a company gets about a spammer, the more they are willing to clear their own name from not becomming 'an abusive service for spammers'.

    Good luck everybody. And update your vBulletin to the latest 2.3.0 to prevent further/future abuse.
    This is a free E-mail service. is powered by HotPop, which might explain the other E-mail accounts being a HotPop one.
    Their General Terms & Conditions are located here
    Check their point: 2.12 Anti-Spam Policy
    Which reads:
    The Site is vigorously against the practice commonly referred to as “Spam”. Users who are reported and whose claims of “Spam” are validated by the Site, will have their respective accounts either immediately TERMINATED or SUSPENDED, at the sole discretion of the Site.
    Messages posted to Usenet and message boards that are off-topic (unrelated to the topic of discussion), cross-posted to unrelated newsgroups, or posted in excessive volume;
    And they mention to report abuse like this:
    ABUSE REPORTING: If you wish to report a violation of our Anti-Spam Policy, please forward all evidence of abuse to: [email protected] Please refer responsibly!
    Free E-mail service
    Terms of Services and Acceptable Use can be found here
    Also funy to read there:
    General Information
    HotPOP,, PunkAss,, SexMagnet,,, GameBox,, ToughGuy,,, Get The Message and all associated logos are trademarks of HotPOP. HotPOP reserves copyright on all web pages and original code resident on HotPOP's systems.
    Now we know from where we can expect more E-mail accounts from those abusive users.
    They have a seperate Page for Anti Spam, which you can find here
    This page also explains HOW to report abuse and what to look out for. You can report HotPop complaints of abuse here: [email protected] will result in the HotPop web site, so use that same abuse email, but make clear this is a user, which helps them solve it quicker.

    You can use the whois databases from Ripe, Arin, etc to lookup their host addresses and find their hostmasters, if you email them, make sure you end with a PS: if this email is emailed to the wrong host master, please reply back to me the correct email address if you have it, and please forward this email to the appropiate contact person. Because most host masters on a ripe contact are for a whole isp and not a individual reseller or whatever. They might assist you on your next step.
    Don't forget to stay nice, but strict and clear in your emails, include all possible information in an easy to see/overview manner, date and time stamp everything. So they can trace their system logs to cross match against the user.

    Oh, the same anti abuse / spam conditions apply for and their account is [email protected] I could paste the urls etc here, but I automaticly get the dutch version :>
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      You forgot the IPs
      --filburt1, moderator
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        Originally posted by CSU-CYS
        Great post xiphoid. THanks for taking the time to gather that info and lay out those instructions.

        And yes, i did forget the IP's. Sorry, i was running out the door and they slipped my mind. However, the best i can do is go and refrence the other post for them... i've already removed each user individually and no longer have access to the IP's. Could someone be so kind as to post them?
        Thanks, and thanks again xiphoid.

        (p.s., i'll delete this post if someone will post the IP's, to keep this thread mainly names and that sort of info).

        Check this post out.

        if you update your first post, i will also delete this post.


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          Double posting are we?

          Anyway, that looks like a normal user, you could always keep an eye on the posts by this user, and just ban it when it starts to post spam/pr0n links.


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            Keep an eye out for this one also:


            This IP has been "replying to thread" on my forums for at least the past seven hours. Not only that, but there's FIFTEEN of them with the same IP, all trying to reply at the same time.


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              Originally posted by xiphoid
              Double posting are we?

              Anyway, that looks like a normal user, you could always keep an eye on the posts by this user, and just ban it when it starts to post spam/pr0n links.
              Sorry...I thought we were supposed to move post these over here instead.


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                Originally posted by CSU-CYS
                ginaguy18p0r - [email protected]
                Here's the IP I got for ginaguy18p0r:


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                  Originally posted by SusanD
                  I installed 2.3 and everything is working fine. (I've had lots of guests today) :wink:

                  Anyway I just had a new user register...the name & email make me wonder:

                  User: puddycat
                  email domain:

                  their ip starts with a 68 though.

                  Has anybody had this user???
                  Speakeasy is my ISP and my isp and my IPs are all in the 68. range.
                  Don't think you have to worry about that one.
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                    AWS Thanks - I'd all ready come to that conclusion and I'm going to delete my earlier posts - I don't want this to turn into a witchhunt. I was concerned because "puddy" is pretty close to another word the pornbot might use.


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                      New one today:

                      [email protected]


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                        New one:
                        [email protected]
                        added to top.


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                          Here's my most recent wannabe attacker:

                          Username: gymifty9
                          IP Addy:
                          Email Addy: [email protected]

                          And I now see it's trying to Register again with the same IP. lol, I just banned the one above.


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                            Originally posted by TexasOutdoors
                            Here's my most recent wannabe attacker:

                            Username: gymifty9
                            IP Addy:
                            Email Addy: [email protected]
                            And another from me:
                            [email protected]

                            Will add both to the top in a min


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                              Just got this one:

                              [email protected]