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  • Help me choose the right TFT please

    Hi there my community friends, help me learn which brands to look into and which to avoid when picking a new TFT screen.

    My eyes are pretty bad, so I have been saving the last year for a new TFT screen, and don't go 'dudE!!' when you hear this, but .. I am going for either a 20" TFT or alternatively a 19" TFT.

    At the moment I do realize that the 20" are most times twice the money of a 19" (so maybe I just buy 2x 19" lol).


    I want them to have a lower response time then 25 ms and they have to do Pivot, and preference is in silver, and alternative white or silver.

    I really want the screen to last for a while, so .. no 0name brand ..

    Please help me decide, I am currently only aware of Samsung having a 19" that does pivot, and 20" from iiyama that doesn't do pivot, but both have 25 ms response time, and very high stats about contrast and clearity and brightness and viewing angles. So ...

    help me !!
    If you can, advice, feedback, pointers, advice, experience, etc. Everything is welcome. Please post some pictures too, that are REALLY the one you mean and not 'it looks like this one'. And ... some URLs to the specifications, so I can try and understand etc. Thank you!!

    Link: <- 20,1" (I can't see that it has normal d-sub 15 pins for my old geforce2pro card :/ and I want to have dvi AND d-sub so i can use it now, and in a year, when i upgrade my vid card.

    Link: <- 19" (but no pivot :/) (I can't see that it has a d-sub 15 pin plug, something like HD15 (unknown to me). But it also looks nice and has the same high specs as iiyama does and looks like very VERY good response time.

    Link: <- 20,1" (but can't find about pivot) but this one has both dvi-d and d-sub 15 pin, so that is nice, and the specs seem nice, though i can't find the big sheet with specs. (LB200A)
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    I know of lots of LCDs that have 25ms response times, but only one with lower than 25ms. The Hitachi CML174 has a 16ms response time.

    My new LCD (Samsung 172W) has a 25ms response time. It has been great for games... much better than I was expecting.


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      None of the hitachi seem to have pivot option. and the 19" is 25ms, so then i rather have the silver samsung


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        XIOD 17" LCD TFT Color Smart Panel Monitor

        Rising:5(ms), Falling:20(ms)
        0.264mm Dot Pitch
        407mm x 150mm x 398.8mm
        max res - 1280 x 1024
        37 watts
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          Don't get a Sony. Somebody at work has one and it's horrendously blurry and no amount of tweaking made it sharp.
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            Looking fine that xoid, but the dot pitch is a bit bigger then the rest, design is really nice though. Does it also do pivot? you happen to know?

            No sony then? uhm, ok .. they are a bit more pricy then the rest too anyway, though nice design..


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              .264 dot pitch is very good for a LCD


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                lol, I misread it, I just checked it all out again and it is almost a winner, iiyama 20,1" has a smaller dot pitch, but the rest are all 0,29x


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                  I have always liked the viewsonics from day 1
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                    Originally posted by Asendin
                    I have always liked the viewsonics from day 1
                    IIRC, some of the older viewsonic CRTs had problems with "pink corners." Over time, one or more corners would wash out, turning a sort of pink.


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                      I would suggest a 19" since it's a real money saver as you say yourself. I love Samsung monitors (I have the 171P myself) and if you're looking for a 19" monitor, seriously consider the 191T:

                      Viewable Image Size: 19"
                      Brightness (Typical): 250 cd/m2
                      Contrast Ratio: 500:1
                      Viewing Angle (H/V): 170 / 170
                      Interface: Analog/Digital
                      Horiz. Frequency: 30-81
                      Max/Native Resolution: 1280 x 1024
                      Emissions Standard: TCO '99
                      Available Color(s): Black, Silver
                      Special Features: Dual CPU input (analog/digital) & auto signal detection, Pivot Technology (and software included).
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                        I just got a new Dell with a 2000FP monitor. It's 20.1", has a resolution of 1600x1200, and it pivots about 20 degrees up. It also swivels 90 degrees on its base. I'm really happy with it -- it's really sharp and clear.

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                          Thank you very much for those suggestions, the T version of that 19" samsung got my attention earlier already and they also have 25ms refresh rate.

                          Such a shame those models don't come in 20" otherwise the choice was pretty easy to make).

                          Dual CPU input? How would that work? you know?


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                            Mine's 25 ms as well, and I'm surprised of how well it performs in games like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and other FPS ones. I don't know what Dual CPU means, but it sounds impressive

                            The only downside I see is that it's (only) 19". That's more than enough for me, but I don't work with graphics like I know you do.
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                              i think he just means if its got dual input... dvi and vga ( i think ) like he says in the first specs he gave
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